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Secret (comics)

Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Young Justice: The Secret
Created by Todd Dezago
Todd Nauck
In-story information
Alter ego Greta Hayes
Team affiliations Young Justice
Abilities Formerly the ability to fly, teleport, shape-shift, become ethereal, and take souls to the "other side".

Secret (Greta Hayes) is a fictional character, a superheroine in the DC Comics universe.

Fictional character biography

Secret first appeared in a one-shot comic, part of the Girlfrenzy fifth week event, by Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck called Young Justice: The Secret, in which Robin, Impulse, and Superboy helped her to escape from the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) agents who were holding her against her will. Secret was incorporeal, able to take on a variety of appearances, and is referred to as "the mist girl" or "the bottle girl" by the various agents who pursue her throughout the run of Young Justice.

Eventually, her origin was revealed: Secret was once an ordinary girl named Greta, whose adoptive brother Billy killed her as part of his plan to become the supervillain Harm. Because of the manner of her death, Greta remained stuck on this plane of existence, a gateway between the living and the dead. Billy himself, after attacking the team, died when his own father shot him. Billy returned during the Day of Judgment storyline, as the entirety of Hell had been evacuated. He again battled the team, using the substance of Secret.

Secret joined Young Justice along with Wonder Girl and Arrowette.[1] She was often referred to as "Suzie" because her real name was unknown at the time. Secret became good friends with the two girls, and was often portrayed as shy. She nursed a crush on Robin throughout the series, and often defended his actions and followed his leadership without doubt. She also expressed jealousy of Spoiler, Robin's girlfriend, to the point where the pair of them had a full-out battle across Gotham City, that was stopped by the combined efforts of Red Tornado and Robin.

In an alternate reality, Secret's powers had been taken on by Billy. Ironically, Billy fought for what he perceived as justice in this form.

During the Sins of Youth storyline, a temporarily adult Secret, with the aid of Deadman, chased down Teekl, the feline familiar of the villain Klarion the Witch Boy. Surprising her age-altered friends, she caused Klarion to back down by threatening to kill Teekl. When undoing everything he had done, Klarion insisted that it was everyone or nothing. Secret didn't want to change back, but was persuaded by Robin, who promised to always be there for her. As predicted by the nearby hero Merry Pemberton, this would later cause many problems. Secret would even go so far as to physically threaten Spoiler.

During the time when Hal Jordan tried to mentor Secret, she visited her father in jail. Under the mental influence of Billy, her father rejected her, leaving her more despondent than before.

Secret eventually gave in to the darkness in her nature at the behest of Darkseid, whom she mistakenly called 'Doug Side'. During her time on Darkseid's planet of Apokolips, Billy, possessing her father, launched the body into one of the firepits, killing them both. Although Secret's mentor, Hal Jordan had offered to step in and save Greta, as well as the world, the current team advisor Snapper Carr rejected the offer, preferring that the kids use Secret's turning evil as a 'learning experience.' Tim was able to talk her down. In the last issue of Young Justice, a disgusted Darkseid stripped her of her powers, leaving her an ordinary, living girl, which was ironically just as she always wanted to be.

She now attends the Elias School for Girls, along with Cassandra Sandsmark and Cissie King-Jones.

Powers and abilities

As a ghost, Secret can fly, teleport, shapeshift, become ethereal, and take souls to the "other side."

In other media


Secret comes to Zatanna's aid in Young Justice.
  • Secret appears in the Young Justice episode "Secrets" voiced by Masasa Moyo. She is first seen watching Artemis and Zatanna while the two girls are visiting Manhattan on Halloween night, and attempts to help them when Harm attacks with the Sword of Beowulf. After the two girls are kidnapped by Harm, Secret rescues Zatanna by ripping the duct tape gag from her mouth, allowing her to access her spellcasting abilities. Zatanna and Artemis eventually learn that Secret is Harm's younger sister, whom he murdered in order to cut himself off from any emotional attachments. After the two heroines defeat Harm, Greta vanishes into the afterlife, with Zatanna promising to give her a proper burial. In this appearance, Secret is only able to communicate by repeating the phrase "Secret". Artemis learns that Greta draws her name from the House of Secrets, an establishment across the street from the Hayes family's backyard. Artemis muses that the building's neon sign, specifically "secret", the only part of it not burned out, was likely the last thing she saw before being murdered by her brother.


  • In Teen Titans Go! #48, Killowat stays in the Titans universe for some time. He came into their world when Raven heard his cry for help from his dimension and pulled him into her dimension. Now Raven thinks she found a way to send him back, but she makes a mistake and sends her to a different universe. When trying to refix her mistake, Raven brings the Herald and they open many portals together. Secret was featured in one of the portals to another Earth. She does not have any lines in the comic.


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