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Secret Wars (2015 comic book)

"Secret Wars"
Cover of Secret Wars #1 (May 2015)
Art by Alex Ross.
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date May 6, 2015
Main character(s) Avengers
Captain Marvel
Doctor Doom
Guardians of the Galaxy
Howling Commandos
Creative team
Writer(s) Jonathan Hickman
Artist(s) Esad Ribić
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Secret Wars is a 2015 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. It recalls the original, similarly-named 1984–1985 miniseries. Released on May 6, 2015, the storyline includes a core Secret Wars mini-series, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribić, which picks up from where the "Time Runs Out" storyline running in Avengers and New Avengers ends.[1]

The storyline involves the Marvel Universe combining with various other alternate universes (including those seen in the Ultimate Marvel and Marvel 2099 imprints, and the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline) into Battleworld, a planet that exhibits aspects of the various universes. This results in a new, single universe that will become the status quo for Marvel Comics, similar to how DC Comics restructured its universe in storylines such as 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The core limited series is eight issues long, likely running for five months.[2][3] The mini series are in three categories, which are Battleworld, Warzones, and Last Days. One of the core miniseries is Ultimate End which ends the Ultimate Marvel imprint after 15 years. Ultimate End is written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley, the team that began the Ultimate Marvel universe with Ultimate Spider-Man.[4]


Running twice each month until June 2015, then monthly until October, the series begins in May 2015 with an eight issue mini series (plus a Free Comic Day issue #0) and came out of the current Avengers and New Avengers "Time Runs Out" storyline. The basic premise involves the collision of the Marvel 616 Universe with the Ultimate Marvel Universe which destroys both. Pieces of the two universes are mysteriously saved and combined with other post collision universes creating the "Battleworld."[citation needed]

Numerous tie-in miniseries and ongoing titles will flesh out the event with many of them revisiting previous Marvel events such as Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Years of Future Past and Armor Wars. All of the tie-ins will be aligned into one of three subtitles during the event, Battleworld, Last Days and Warzones.

Marvel's executive editor Tom Brevoort has revealed that "Last Days" will show several characters from Captain America and Ms. Marvel to Loki and Magneto in their final adventures before the Marvel Universe comes to an end in Secret Wars, whereas "Warzones" will focus on the individual domains, and "Battleworld" will be concerned with the infrastructure of the Battleworld as a whole.[5]


Last Days

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers

Steve Rogers tells the Mighty Avengers team that the world is ending and asks them to side with him or the Illuminati. Months later, the entire world knows about the impending cataclysm, and a volunteer member of the team Soraya reveals that the Mighty Avengers hotline doesn't have many calls for supervillain prevention anymore; rather they receive mostly calls for suicide prevention. White Tiger goes to reconcile with her family; angry at her for having chosen a life that has led to so much death, they threaten to kill her if she does not leave. Spectrum devises a plan to destroy the other Earth during the Incursion. Two weeks before the end of the world, the Mighty Avengers join Steve in a fight against the Illuminati. After the battle, Blue Marvel angrily confronts Mister Fantastic and Black Panther about their decision not to consult other heroes; he insists that, had they all worked together, a solution could have been found. In desperation, Spectrum channels her full power and goes to destroy the other Earth.[6]

Loki: Agent of Asgard

As Odin dreams of the end of all existence in an event greater than Ragnarok, King Loki (an eviler Loki from a now alternate future) begins devising a plan. On Earth, Loki has been reborn as the God of Stories, and his friend Verity is unsure whether to trust him. Changing into a woman, Loki tells Verity that she is important in this end of the world event and the two women go to see what King Loki is doing. He has traveled to Hel to free a monster that will destroy Asgard. The Asgardians gather to witness King Loki on the back of the Midgard Serpent where they believe that this will be their end. Odin and Freyja appear with machine guns to defend the Asgardians.[7]


During the incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, Magneto must make a choice. To save the mutant race, he must stand once again as a destroyer. This time, he must attempt to destroy the world colliding with his own. To save the mutant race, he must also protect the human and it’s almost disturbing to see the humans celebrate him as a hero and look on with fascination at what he attempts to do and it’s no surprise when Earth-1610 throws Sentinels against him.[8]

Secret Wars (main plot)

The Marvel Universe is no more! All that exists is a single titanic patchwork planet - Battleworld!

Issue one

As Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, and Molecule Man confront the Beyonders in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the coming end of the Multiverse, the final Incursion of Earth-1610 and Earth-616 begins. Respective heroes from each planet confront one another, believing that they fight to save their respective homes. However, both Mister Fantastic and Maker (the Mister Fantastic of Earth-1610) recognize that the situation is futile and make plans to survive the cataclysm with a small group of colleagues; Mister Fantastic has selected heroes and important scientists, while Maker intends to preserve himself and the Cabal.

The battle between Earth-616 and Earth-1610 begins with the heroes of Earth-616 rallying to attack Helicarriers sent by Earth-1610's Nick Fury. In Mister Fantastic's lifeboat, Black Panther prepares Manifold for his task, which calls on him to sacrifice himself to teleport other heroes to the safety of the lifeboat. As Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist attempt to rescue civilians from the battlefield, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel defeat Ultimate Iron Man while Storm and Thor combine their lightning to bring down a Helicarrier. Hulk's Doc Green form, She-Hulk, Colossus, and other superhumanly strong Earth-616 heroes topple the Triskelion.

Maker sends a doomsday weapon and the Children of Tomorrow to Earth-616. The Children kill Black Bolt, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, and destroy Stark Tower and one of the civilian transports. Meanwhile, Kingpin organizes a viewing party for the apocalypse attended by himself, Norman Osborn, Bullseye, Absorbing Man, Sandman, and Scorpion. Festivities are interrupted by the arrival of Punisher who reveals that since he can't take them with him, he's going to have to put his large supply of bullets somewhere. The ship piloted by Black Widow that was bringing Spider-Woman, Beast, and scientists to Mister Fantastic's lifeboat is destroyed by the Children of Tomorrow.

Manifold begins the process of teleporting heroes, including Spider-Man and Star-Lord, to the lifeboat. The X-Men's Cyclops merges with the Phoenix Force again where he decimates the Children of Tomorrow before being teleported onto the ship. Mister Fantastic and Black Panther then launch the ship, piloting it for the center of the Incursion. Although shaky, the craft initially appears to be making the journey to its intended destination unharmed. However, a hull breach occurs, separating the part of the ship carrying Invisible Woman, Thing and most of the young Future Foundation. The Invisible Woman's forcefield protects them for a few moments, but not long enough for Mister Fantastic to rescue them: he watches in horror as they are shredded by the forces of the Incursion.

The world fades to white as the two Earths collide. Doctor Doom's mask appears out of the white void, before the white turns to black. Finally, the lifeboat comes to rest on a mysterious rocky planet.[9]

Issue two

A new Thor lifts Mjolnir and demonstrates his fitness to join the Thors, a band of Nordic gods who act as the executors of God's justice. The young Thor, who hails from Higher Avalon, relates the story of the creation of the world: Doom created the Earth and the universe and he raised up the Kingdoms of the Earth. With an elder partner in the form of King Thor of Earth-14412, the young Thor travels to Bar Sinister where they are to bring the land's baron Mister Sinister to Castle Doom, where All-Father Doom holds court from his throne on the World Tree.

In the Kingdom of Utopolis, Minister Alex Power is brought to a site of discovery uncovered by an "earthquake". The item discovered is the life raft that came to rest on the planet. Minister Powers orders it dug out.

Sinister is brought before Doom and his Sheriff of Agamatto Doctor Strange, attended by various other Barons. Sinister has been charged by the House of Braddock (the rulers of Higher Avalon) with secretly and illegally aligning with Baron Hyperion of Utopolis in opposition to Higher Avalon. Sinister dismisses the accusation, as well as a charge of slander that he explains away as an innocent comment, but does not deny. Nonetheless, he is found guilty and sentenced to pay restitution. Sinister instead chooses to exercise his right as a Baron to face his accuser in battle. Sinister defeats Brian Braddock. Before Sinister can deal the killing blow, Doom intervenes. Doom interrogates Brian, telling him that Higher Avalon is long rumored to be the most favorable conduit for reaching the Silent Chambers, a place where "heretics and thieves" work to depose Doom. When Brian denies any knowledge of it, Doom declares him useless and orders that his eyes, tongue, hands and feet be removed. To save his brother, Baron James Braddock confesses that he has assisted those trying to reach the Silent Chambers. Enraged at betrayal by one of his barons, Doom orders the entire House of Braddock to be publicly executed. Susan Storm implores him to be merciful. This causes Doom to banish James to the Deadlands, a region populated by zombies. The two Thors escort Baron James to the Shield where he is equipped with basic armor and a sword before being tossed to the Deadlands where he takes some zombies down with him before dying in battle. Afterwards, Brian is appointed to be High Avalon's new Baron.

As the trial concludes, Valeria tells Sheriff Strange what Minister Power has found, including the fact that that carbon dating suggests the discovered object is much older than the believed age of the Earth. Strange tasks the young Thor and King Thor to enforce a quarantine around the discovery site. King Thor orders the lifeboat isolated, but one of the Moloid diggers inadvertently opens the craft. King Thor is killed by spears and axes thrown from within. The young Thor flees to tell Sheriff Strange what has happened. As he leaves, the Cabal emerge from the lifeboat. Thanos asks one of the Moloids where they are. The Moloid tells him "This place? The High Born call it Latverion. Believers call it God's Kingdom. But everyone else—we common folk—call it something else. We call it... Battleworld."[10]

Secret Wars: Battleworld

The Secret Wars are waged across the fragments of hundreds of devastated universes during the explosive events of the core event!

Inhumans: Attilan Rising

There is a rebellion brewing on Battleworld and it stretches far and wide into every domain. Medusa, ruler of Attilan, is tasked with uncovering the leader of this uprising and scuttling it with extreme prejudice. When she discovers the leader of this rebellion is Black Bolt, things get complicated. After being captured by the Thor Corps in Greenland and bounded with spirit-chains by Sheriff Strange, G-Man was sent to New Attilan by Emperor Doom to be interrogated by Queen Medusa about the rebels who defied him. G-Man died during his interrogation by Sterilon who discovered that the rebels had something to do with The Quiet Room. Medusa then sent Auran there to learn more about the insurrection. The Voice Unheard tried to deliver a serum capable of restoring the minds of the raging Hulks to someone in Greenland, but the Thors appeared and they had to escape leaving the serum with a Sand Hulk who had his mind restored and is revealed to be that area's version of Rick Jones.[11]

Master of Kung Fu

A drunken Shang-Chi tells the history of K'un-L'un to a stray dog, recalling how war and strife have caused the ruling clans to hold a tournament every thirteen years called "The Thirteen Chambers". The champion of this tournament, regardless of clan, will be the Emperor of K'un-L'un for the next thirteen years. Currently, Shang-Chi's father, the long-lived Zheng Zu is the current Emperor and has been for the past 100 years or so. The royal guard (consisting of Razor Fist, Typus, and Nightwind) comes along and demands that he move. Shang-Chi goads a fight and a group of the Morlocks (consisting of Kitten, Lock, Callisto, and Caliban) comes and joins in the fight, causing enough of a distraction for Shang-Chi and the others to escape into a secret underground network of tunnels. A messenger named "Herald" is sent to bring two of the Emperor's top assassins (consisting of Red Sai and Laughing Skull) to hunt Shang-Chi. Emperor Zheng Zu stands in his Citadel talking with Daniel Rand telling him that they will capture Shang-Chi. Daniel ignites his Iron Fist and proclaims that he will be the one to kill Shang-Chi to avenge the murder of his master Lord Tuan.[12]

Secret Wars: Battleworld

In this anthology series, Doctor Strange's soul has merged with Frank Castle and they are being hunted by Limbo's Infernal Four (consisting of Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spider-Man and Wolverine) for their act of crossing borders. Castle sacrifices himself in an attempt to take them all out, but the Infernal Four's Wolverine survives, now the new host of Strange, who will use his immortality to keep his fight going forever. The second story features MODOK using an portal to summon MODOKs from all across Battleworld (consisting of the MODOK from King James' England, Limbo's MODOK, the Spider-Man MODOK, MODOK's daughter, and a bunch of unnamed MODOKs) and plans to ally with them to usurp King Doom. However, the MODOKs soon find that they are all in disagreement about what they should do and how they should go about it and they engage in a free-for-all. The Thor Corps later arrives only to discover the army of MODOKs unconscious. The main MODOK asks them to take him in.[13]

Secret Wars Journal

The first tale presented in this anthology series, shows the domain of King James’ England and where Lady Kate the nefarious Arrowhead Bandit sets out to steal a mysterious glowing orb from under the watchful eyes of the brutal local Sheriff Punisher. Tutored in the ways of Ye Olde Derringe-Do by a mysterious itinerant circus performer and accompanied by her wise-cracking sidekicks Billy and Teddy, Lady Kate ends up sacrificing herself while her friends get away with the treasure. The second tale shows the domain of Egyptia where an all-out battle erupt between the worshippers of the moon goddess Khonshu and those mutant slaves who choose not to fall in line. Led by Shadowcat and receiving the help of the turncoat Moon Knight named Spector, Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler set out on a dangerous mission to assassinate Khonshu. Unfortunately, Spector turned out to be a werewolf and attacked the mutants alongside his flock. Khonshu appeared and stopped the fight in order to confront her assassins. Khonshu convinced them that there was no difference between slaves and lords to her and greater was the honor of being allowed to worship her. When Wolverine, Colossus and Shadowcat returned to the other mutants, they told their story before revealing they had been turned into werewolves by Khonshu and attacking their fellow mutants.[14]

Secret Wars: Warzones

On the outskirts of Secret Wars, the building blocks of a new Marvel Universe take form within the war-torn domains that make up Battleworld.


The island of Arcadia is a domain where women grew to be in charge of the government and police force rather than men. Its ruler is Baroness She-Hulk and she is in charge of the A-Force, the first all female Avengers team. While on patrol one morning, Arcadia finds itself attacked by a megalodon and America Chavez finishes it off by using her god-like strength to throw it across the world to the Wall where it lands in the Deadlands. However, in tossing it across borders and damaging the Wall, she is in violation of the law's greatest rule and is confronted by Thor Corps members Sam Wilson, Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike, and some unnamed Thor Corps members who have been sent by King Doom and Sheriff Strange. Baroness She-Hulk pleads that America was doing it out of defense, but she is taken away where she is banished to serve the rest of her life as a guard on the Shield. Wanting to know where the megalodon came from, She-Hulk recruits the Sub-Mariners Namor, Namorita, and Namora to investigate. Meanwhile, Nico is at the shore when she sees a mysterious figure fall out of the sky and crash into the Bishop Lighthouse.[15]

Armor Wars

In the futuristic domain of Technopolis, War Machine answers a challenge to fight Titanium Man while suspecting that he's being tested. Titanium Man mocks War Machine's position as the Thor of the Domain of Technopolis, but is easily defeated. Iron Man arrives and the two banter about Tony's political position as Baron before talk turns to War Machine's gut feeling over the reasoning behind the duel. Tony suspects Kingpin, but Jim is unsure. They then discuss vigilantes in Technopolis including Spyder-Man and Radar Devil. Iron Man suggests they should be arrested, but informs War Machine that he's off to meet with Spyder-Man anyway. Meanwhile, Iron Man's brother Arno Stark meets with Kingpin at Stark Tower and assesses the valuable data compiled by having paid Titanium Man to fight War Machine. Kingpin assures Arno that Titanium Man's silence has been bought and that failsafes are in place. Elsewhere in the city, Spyder-Man is late for work as he heads to his planned meeting with Iron Man. He reveals himself to be Peter Urich and plans to tell Tony that he's uncovered the truth about that which ails Technopolis forcing her citizens to wear armor just to survive.[16]


Five years ago in a variation of Manhattan, a bunch of demons rose up from the depths of Limbo and ravaged it. Five years later, Scott Summers was able to overthrow Baroness Madelyne Pryor. Since then, Limbo has been separated into two different areas: the area that is policed by the X-Men and the area around the Empire State Building that is surrounded by demons and run by Darkchild. Every year, Baron Summers allows a small group led by Colossus to liberate Darkchild from the demons with no success with the latest one having Colossus vowing to rescue his sister this time.[17]

Infinity Gauntlet

The Bakian Clan (a group of humans who survived the attacks of the Annihilation Wave) are shadowed by an unknown figure as they scrounge for food in the ruins of New Xandar, but their dog Zigzag is only able to find canned dog food for them to eat. Later that night, Menzin tells his youngest daughter Fayne about how her mother left to reinforce the Nova Corps and will someday return. The elder daughter Anwen believes their mother to be dead as evidenced by the arrival of the Annihilation Wave. An argument between their father and the girls' maternal grandfather ensues which attracts the attention of the bugs forcing the Bakian Clan to flee for their lives. During the resulting chase, Anwen falls into a bug nest. As she fights for her life, she discovers the Mind Infinity Gem. Hearing explosions on the surface, she climbs out and comes face to face with a Nova who removes her helmet, revealing herself Anwen's mother, the two then embrace. Anwen's mother says "everything will be alright". Meanwhile Thanos watching from the shadows in a building disagrees and it is revealed he has the Time Gem.

MODOK Assassin

After having stolen a Nimrod CPU of the Sentinel Territories from A.I.M.'s possession, Otto Octavius was tracked down by MODOK in order to find his paymasters. After preventing Bullseye from killing Octavius, MODOK killed Otto himself and decided to retrieve the piece of Nimord tech after concluding the presence of it in the market would incriminate him. The Sentinels from the Sentinel Territories accidentally trespassed to their neighbor domain Killville when they were trying to capture Gambit of Monarchy of M. In retaliation, MODOK destroyed the Sentinels that had trespassed and threatened the rest to find and reprogram their Master Mold to love mutants instead of hate them was his territory ever trespassed again.[18]

Planet Hulk

In an alternate Marvel Universe, Dr Bruce Banner (who has no alter ego) owns a large technology business known as Bannertech. The headquarters is a city of the future where Amadeus Cho (who works at Bannertech), performs unauthorized gamma experiments on animals. Dr. Banner and Amadeus are alerted by S.H.I.E.L.D. that the Gamma Bomb in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s possession has been stolen and launched by A.I.M. Bruce attempts to evacuate the city of the future whilst Amadeus tries to hijack the bomb. The bomb ultimately crashes into the Bannertech tower, destroying it and catching evacuating employees in its blast radius. Dr. Banner and his employees are turned green, but they are relieved that they are alive. Amadeus is not seen again. The employees and Dr. Banner suddenly mutate into various Hulk creatures. When the various Marvel universes collide, a section of this Earth including the inhabiting Hulks become the region of Battleworld known as Greenland. Sometime after the creation of Battleworld, Doctor Doom has his Thor Corps perform a mission for him. As they fly over the Mud Kingdom in Greenland, they are attacked by the Hulks who live there. The Hulks' primitive weapons anger the Thor Corps who stop the attack by destroying the Hulks' homes. The Thor Corps then leave as they were told to contain battles, but not to interfere. Meanwhile in Doctor Doom's Killiseum in Doomstadt, Steve Rogers and Devil Dinosaur win their twelfth fight. Whilst being congratulated by Arcade, they attempt to interrogate him to find where Bucky Barnes currently is. Their attempt fails, and Steve is summoned by Doctor Doom. Sheriff Strange offers Steve a chance to live on behalf of Doctor Doom. Steve must travel to Greenland, kill the Red King, and rescue Bucky from him. Steve takes Devil Dinosaur with him and they are teleported by Doctor Strange to Greenland. Upon arrival, they are meant to meet with an operative. However, they are attacked by gamma-irradiated bugs. Steve and Devil Dinosaur are saved by a Hulk named Doc Green who fires a powerful laser cannon killing the bugs.[19]


Months before the Secret Wars, the spider-based people of the multiverse came together as a team to stop the Inheritors from wiping them out. After the Secret Wars began however, some of them found themselves in New York with only faint glimpses of their lives before Battleworld. One of these people is Spider-Gwen (the Earth-65 version of Gwen Stacy) who is wandering around New York aimlessly as a superhero while trying to remember her life. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: India (Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101), Spider-Girl, and Spider-UK (Billy Braddock of Earth-833) all come together realizing that they are all in a similar predicament of slight memory loss. Spider-Gwen begins investigating discovering that she was apparently murdered by Mayor Norman Osborn, Spider-Man's arch enemy before Spider-Man disappeared years ago. Gwen sneaks into Oscorp to discover a file in one of their tablets titled "Sinister Six," which contains pictures of Gwen, Anya, Pavitr, Billy, and two more spider-people Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Earth-90214. Snooping around some more, Gwen finds Spider-Ham hooked up to several machines until she is caught by Mayor Norman Osborn.[20]

Where Monsters Dwell

Battleworld locations

External images
16px High-resolution map of Battleworld Newsarama. Retrieved May 19, 2015.

Following numerous incursions across the multiverse, the remains of various realities have been fused together to create a new Battleworld. All of these realities are known as domains and have the ability to interact with each other, except for three: the Deadlands, Perfection and New Xandar. These domains are separated from the rest by the Wall because they contain threats that, if set loose, would destroy all the others: zombies, Ultron drones, the Annihilation Wave and an alternate reality version of Thanos trying to reconstruct the Infinity Gauntlet.

Each domain has an appointed leader called a Baron who runs their domain with permission from Victor Von Doom, the Lord and Messiah of Battleworld. To ensure all domains remain separate from each other, the Thor Corps have been formed (containing all alternate versions of Thor) and they act as a police force for Battleworld under the leadership of Sheriff Strange. Those who transgress the borders are sent to the Shield to work there whilst those who spectacularly break this rule are sent into exile over the Shield into one of the three dangerous domains.

The following is a list of the domains and the Marvel Comics event titles that are their basis or reimagining as fully revealed on Marvel Comics' Interactive Battleworld map in Secret Wars #2:

# Domain Baron Setting Notes
#1 Greenland Red King Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk This area is a desert-like wasteland infested with an assortment of Hulks and other gamma-irradiated creatures. Known locations include the Badlands, the Barrens of the Tribal Hulks, Fang Mountain, Gamma Lake, Mud Kingdom, Port Banner, She-Hulk Shore
#2 Dystopia Maestro Future Imperfect TBA
#3 Domain of Apocalypse En Saba Nur The Age of Apocalypse TBA
#4 Egyptia Khonshu New Warriors: Forever Yesterday This area is based on Egypt. The citizens are under the control of Khonshu who controls the population with her Moon Knights and werewolf warriors. The mutants are slaves who build Khonshu's pyramids.
#5 Technopolis Anthony Stark Armor Wars A futuristic location with high levels of science and technology. There is a unique airborne virus that is in the land which forces everyone to wear armor so that they can live and breathe. Baron Anthony Stark and his brother Arno Stark are rivals in the armor-making business. Technopolis has its own version of Stark Tower.
#6 Valley of Doom TBA 1872 It is a location that evokes the traits of the Wild West
#7 Spider-Island Spider Queen Spider-Island This area is infested with an assortment of Man-Spiders.
#8 The Regency Augustus Roman One More Day, Spider-Girl, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding! The setting for The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
#9 King JamesEngland TBA Marvel 1602 The setting of 1602: Witch Hunter Angela. It evokes the traits of England in the year 1602.
#10 Weirdworld TBA TBA The setting for Weirdworld.
#11 K'un-L'un Emperor Zheng Zhu Master of Kung Fu Based on the mystical city of the same name, K'un-L'un is the setting for Master of Kung Fu. The issue of the setting was also known as Iron Fist.
#12 Utopolis Hyperion The setting of Squadron Sinister. It is based on the Squadron Supreme that was first featured in The Avengers Volume One #69–70. TBA
#13 New Mars TBA Killraven TBA
#14 Doomgard TBA Asgard This is the home of the Thor Corps where they serve as Battleworld's police force. It is short for "Doom's Asgard." The halls of Doomgard is where anyone from any of the domains who can lift a Mjolnir will become a member of the Thor Corps.
#15 Higher Avalon Brian Braddock Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders The previous Baron Jamie Braddock was thrown into the Deadlands taking the blame for Brian's actions.
#16 Arachnia Mayor Norman Osborn Spider-Verse A variation of Manhattan where Gwen Stacy was killed, Spider-Man disappeared, and Norman Osborn resurfaced 10 years later to become the Mayor of Arachnia. Numerous spider-heroes from other dimensions were recreated in Arachnia, living their lives as they had always existed there with vague memories of their past lives. Norman Osborn is also the head of Ozcorp.
#17 Marville TBA Avengers vs. X-Men (namely the A-Babies vs. X-Babies one-shot). It is the setting of Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX. TBA
#18 The Eye of Agamotto TBA Doctor Strange TBA
#19 Doomstadt None. Its run by Doom himself Latveria It serves as the capital of Battleworld where King Doom and Sheriff Strange operate. Doomstadt is the place where courts are held by Sheriff Strange under the supervision of Doom and the Thor Corps. The roots of Yggdrasil emerge from Castle Doom which is also guarded by a Galactus. Doomstadt also has the Killiseum run by Arcade where gladiatorial events of different kinds are held.
#20 Kingdom of Manhattan TBA TBA The surface of the merged Manhattans. It is split into four parts upon two different Manhattans co-existing next to each other.
#20A New Attilan Medusa Inhumans: Attlan Rising Based on the Inhumans city of the same name, it is the setting of Inhumans: Attilan Rising and is above the Earth-616 Manhattan and the Earth-1610 Manhattan. New Attilan serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Manhattan.
#20B Earth-616 Manhattan TBA TBA This version of Manhattan was combined with the Earth-1610 Manhattan enabling them to co-exist together. Known locations include Nelson & Murdock, Avengers Mansion, the Earth-616 Baxter Building, Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Earth-616 Stark Tower.
#20C Earth-1610 Manhattan TBA TBA This version of Manhattan was combined with the Earth-616 Manhattan enabling them to co-exist together. Known locations include the New Ultimates Hideout, the Earth-1610 Baxter Building, the Earth-1610 Stark Tower, and the Triskelion Ferry.
#20D Manhattan: Monster Metropolis TBA Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos The setting of Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos. Based on the setting of the same name, Monster Metropolis is an underground location beneath the two Manhattans where an assortment of monsters dwell.
#21 The City Korvac and Simon Williams The Korvac Saga TBA
#22 The Warzone President Anthony Stark Civil War This domain is where President Anthony Stark is in a war with Steve Rogers (known in this area as General America).
#23 New Quack City TBA Howard the Human In a city of animal inhabitants, Howard struggles through daily tasks as the only human.
#24 The Far East TBA Where Monsters Dwell. TBA
#25 Valley of Flame TBA Devil Dinosaur A prehistoric location evokes the traits of Earth-78411.
#26 The Hydra Empire TBA Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra and the Hail Hydra series An area that is ruled by Hydra.
#27 2099 Miguel Stone Secret Wars 2099 An area that is based on the Marvel 2099 universe. The 2099 Avengers protect Nueva City and are overseen by Miguel Stone.
#28 Hala Field TBA Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. TBA
#29 The Monarchy of M Erik Magnus House of M An area that is based on the House of M universe. It is an area where mutants rule over humans.
#30 Sentinel Territories Master Mold Years of Future Past An area that is infested with Sentinels.
#31 The Wastelands TBA Old Man Logan
#32 Mutopia Rachel Grey E is For Extinction, Grant Morrison's New X-Men, and X-Tinction Agenda Also known as X-Topia. The island of Genosha is part of this domain, and has been quarantined due to a plague.
#33 Westchester Robert Kelly X-Men: The Animated Series The setting of X-Men '92
#34 Killville Karl Mordo MODOK: Assassin The setting of MODOK Assassin. It is based on a world in which every superhero was killed by MODOK, regular citizens are constantly exposed to the damage caused by killers, and villains waging war amongst themselves.
#35 Arcadia Jennifer Walters A-Force The setting of A-Force. Arcadia is an island nation that is filled with female superheroes. Known locations include the Bishop Lighthouse and the Hall of Justice.
#36 Bar Sinister Mister Sinister Mutant Massacre TBA
#37 Limbo Scott Summers Inferno A variation of Manhattan that is filled with an assortment of demons. Its former Baroness was Goblin Queen/Madelyne Pryor.
#38 The Deadlands TBA Marvel Zombies An area that is infested with zombie versions of Marvel characters.
#39 Perfection TBA Age of Ultron An area that is filled with Ultron Sentinels.
#40 New Xandar TBA The Infinity Gauntlet An area that is filled with insect-like creatures that make up the Annihilation Wave. This was based on a reality in which the Annihilation Wave had decimated Earth after the Nova Corps failed.
#41 The Shield TBA The setting of Siege. Originally called the Wall, the Shield is one of Battleworld's most important structures. This area is what separates The Deadlands, Perfection, and New Xandar from the rest of Battleworld. Anyone who transgresses the borders of the other Battleworld domains are sent here, where they must work under the supervision of Abigail Brand to keep the dangers from the three areas from crossing the Shield.
Absent from the Battleworld map
#42 Knowhere TBA Guardians of the Galaxy While not considered a domain, the severed Celestial head that contains the city of Knowhere orbits Battleworld like a moon as seen in Guardians of Knowhere.
#43 Holy Wood and Forest Hills TBA TBA Though mentioned in the solicitation for the Korvac Saga, they are not shown on the Battleworld map. They are likely parts of The City.

Titles involved

Title Issue(s) Creative Team Citation(s)
Prologues/Time Runs Out
Avengers #35–44 Jonathan Hickman (W), Various (A)
Avengers World #17–21 Frank Barbiere (W), Marco Checchetto (A) [21]
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #12 Brian Michael Bendis (W), David Marquez (A)
New Avengers #24–33 Jonathan Hickman (W), Various (A)
Main Series
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