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Sergio Rossetti Morosini

Sergio Rossetti Morosini
Award: Cantor Fitzgerald[1]
Active in New York City and the Atlantic Forest
Born: 1953
Height: 5'9" (1.75 m)
Spouse: Adèle Rossetti Morosini (m. 1976- )
Children: Ana Rossetti Morosini, Sergio E. Rossetti Morosini

Sergio Rossetti Morosini (born in 1953 - ) is an American artist, and a descendant of an old Venetian family[2] that settled in the Atlantic Forest in Southern Brazil.[3] He grew up in the city of Guarapuava, in the heart of the state of Paraná's Araucaria Forest.[4]

In his early 20s he represented Brazil in United States as a Cultural Attaché at the Consulate General in New Orleans, Louisiana,[5] where he met the artist, Adèle, then, a Fine Arts student at Tulane University. They were married in 1976. Besides being educated in economics and diplomacy, he holds Master's degrees in Fine Arts and History of Art from the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.[6]

Twice invited to the Vatican to view from the scaffolding, the restoration of the frescoes Michelangelo painted on the Sistine, the private Chapel of the Pope. First, in early Fall 1987, as a guest of the Agnelli family and the curator of the Vatican Museums, Fabrizio Mancinelli, during the Restoration and controversy of the ceiling,[7] and later, in the Summer of 1992, to view the restoration of The Last Judgment with Dr. Diana Gisolfi of the Pratt Institute, as guests of Marilyn Perry,[8] president of the Kress Foundation and the Head Restorer for Papal Monuments, Museums and Galleries, Gianluigi Colalucci.[9]

First to observe that in 1511, Titian described the volume in a two-dimensional fresco painting of Saint Anthony's Miracle of the Jealous Husband, in the Scuola del Santo, Padua, Italy, by actually sculpting it in relief rather than describing it illusionistically.[10]

He is devoted to the conservation of the Art in the New York City Landmarks.[11] Among his works are the Charles Millard Pratt House, 241 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill Historic District, now the home of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Brooklyn,[12] the Brockholst building at 101 W 85th Street, and Columbus Avenue, NY, NY 10024,[13] and his Bust of Michelangelo Buonarroti above the door of the National Arts Club,[14] 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY 10003, both a National Historic and a New York City Landmarks.[15]

Sergio is currently shooting a documentary on the endangered ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.[16][17] In Spring 2007, he moved his Studios from Brooklyn to Poughkeepsie, in the Hudson Valley, NY.

File:Winged Gargoyle-Sergio-Rossetti-Morosini.jpg
The Winged Gargoyle, stone, sculpted by Sergio Rossetti Morosini, on the Façade of the NYC Landmark Brockholst Building
File:Michelangelo bust.JPG
The Bust of Michelangelo, stone, sculpted by Sergio Rossetti Morosini, on the Façade of the National Historic and a NYC Landmark, The National Arts Club
Fireworks: The Night of the Redentore, oil painting, 79"x110", by Sergio Rossetti Morosini, 1995
File:Winged Gargoyle, stone, sculpted by Sergio Rossetti Morosini, on the Façade of the NYC Landmark Brockholst Building.jpg
Winged Gargoyle, stone, sculpted by Sergio Rossetti Morosini, on the Façade of the NYC Landmark Brockholst Building

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