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Serous carcinoma

Serous carcinoma
File:Serous carcinoma cytology.jpg
Micrograph of serous carcinoma.
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In pathology, serous carcinoma is an epithelial malignancy (carcinoma) that arises from the lining of a cavity that produces a serum-like fluid (a serous cavity).

Serous lined cavities include the peritoneum, pericardium and pleural space and tunica vaginalis.[1]

Cytologic features

Cytologic features of serous carcinoma are:[citation needed]

  • Marked intragroup nuclear pleomorphism.
  • Macronucleoli.
  • "Knobby" group borders (in large groups).
  • Hydropic vacuoles.

Symptoms of serous carcinoma may include:[2]

  • Discomfort/pain or bloating in abdomen
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight loss

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis of serous carcinoma not otherwise specified includes:

There has been the suggestion that the above diagnoses really represent one entity.[3]

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