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Shack fires in South Africa

Fire is a serious hazard in shack settlements in South Africa.[1] It has been argued that "On average in South Africa over the last five years there are ten shack fires a day with someone dying in a shack fire every other day."[2] In 2011, 151 were reported to have been killed in shack fires in Cape Town.[3]

Causes of Shack Fires

Shack fires are often termed accidents but this has been contested by shack dweller's organisations.[4] Martin J. Murray argues that by "recruiting human frailty or sheer accident to their cause, key city-builders have been able to rationalize municipal policy-choices that have accomplished little toward changing the circumstances under which the urban poor—who bear the awful brunt of these continuing cycles of death and destruction — tend to invariably find themselves in harm’s way."[5]

Matt Birkinshaw lists the key reasons for shack fires as lack of land, lack of housing, denial of access to electricity, adequate water and to adequate emergency services.[6]

Responses to Shack Fires

The charitable NGO 'Children of Fire' offers support for victims of fires, and in particular to children.[7]

The shack dwellers' social movement Abahlali baseMjondolo has campaigned against what it perceives as the failure of the state to address the problem of shack fires[8] and organised people to connect themselves directly to the electricity grid.[9]

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