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Shauraseni language

Region India
Extinct c. 5th century BCE
Language codes
ISO 639-3 psu
Glottolog saur1252[1]

A Dramatic Prakrit, Shauraseni was the chief language used in drama in northern medieval India. Most of the material in this language originates from the 3rd to 10th centuries AD, though it was probably a spoken colloquial around the 5th century BC. Its descendants include the varieties of Hindi, the Central Zone of modern Indic or Hindi languages, the standard registers of Hindustani based on the Khariboli dialect, and the Punjabi language.[2]

The Jain acharyas belonging to the Digambara sect wrote in Sauraseni. Satkhandagama and Ksyaayapahud are two of the major Jain epics in Sauraseni.[citation needed]

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