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Sigma Phi Delta

Sigma Phi Delta
Founded April 11, 1924; 91 years ago (1924-04-11)
University of Southern California
Type Professional, Social
Emphasis Professional, Engineering
Scope International
23x15px United States
23x15px Canada

Pro Bono Professionis

For the Good of the Profession
Colors Red and Black
Symbol Castle
Flower American Beauty Rose
Chapters 22 active, 16 inactive
Factoid Professional Fraternity of Engineers
Headquarters Mansfield, Texas, USA

Sigma Phi Delta (ΣΦΔ) is an international professional fraternity of engineers. Billing itself as "The Premier International Fraternity of Engineers", the organization is the only fraternity of its kind that draws its membership exclusively from male engineering students at ABET-accredited colleges and universities, as other similar organizations are co-ed or admit students not strictly in traditional engineering programs (such as architecture or technical sciences). Sigma Phi Delta enjoys a close working relationship with its female counterpart, ΑΩΕ - Alpha Omega Epsilon. Sigma Phi Delta prides itself in maintaining high standards of academic excellence in the engineering profession and also encouraging brotherhood through social events.


Object of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity

The Object of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity shall be to promote the advancement of the Engineering Profession; to foster the advancement of Engineering Education; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Engineering students and organizations; to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Virtuous manhood, good Citizenship, obedience to Law, and Brotherhood; and to encourage excellence in Scholarship.

Code of Ethics of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity

The Code of Ethics of Sigma Phi Delta is founded upon the basic principles of truth and honesty. The quotation, "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest," should be the light guiding the footsteps of an Engineer towards service and success.

An Engineer should at all times be mentally, physically and morally clean, and should conduct himself as a gentleman. He should be courageous in following his own convictions, mentally awake to make use of every opportunity, and should consider the welfare of others before his own.

To his superiors, an Engineer should be dutiful; to his co-workers, helpful; to his subordinates, generous; to all men, brotherly.

An Engineer should take a good grip on the joys of life. He should play the game like a man. He should fight against nothing so hard as his own weaknesses, and should endeavor to gain in strength.

He should live so that his actions shall never besmirch his own honor, and thus maintain the honor of the Engineering Profession.


Sigma Phi Delta was founded at University of Southern California on April 11, 1924 and currently has 19 active chapters.

Alpha Chapter - University of Southern California

The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on April 11, 1924 in the third attempt to establish an engineering fraternity at the University, the other two having been terminated into general fraternities. Members of Alpha Chapter are traditionally active in the student government of USC's Viterbi School of Engineering and participate in a wide variety of engineering-related activities. Unlike many fraternities at USC, the Alpha Chapter owns its historic house. The chapter house originally served as a foreign government consulate. As the founding chapter, Alpha Chapter has deep rooted traditions and a rich history. As students from the University of Southern California come from all 50 states, the alumni of Alpha Chapter can be found across the entire country working at prominent companies.

Delta Chapter - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on January 25, 1928 by a group of students that included a brother of an Alpha Chapter Founder and an Alpha Chapter Alumnus in graduate school. Delta Chapter has traditionally provided leadership for the fraternity, witnessed by the fact that it has produced 5 Grand Presidents who have guided the fraternity 46 of its 80+ years of existence. The only two members who have been named Grand Old Men of Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity were Delta Alumni.

Epsilon Chapter - North Dakota State University

The Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 21, 1928.

Eta Chapter - Marquette University

The Eta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 23, 1931 when a local Marquette Engineering Fraternity, Omega Sigma Phi, merged with the National Fraternity. Eta Chapter has the largest number of registered alumni in the entire Sigma Phi Delta Organization, with over 900 living alumni world wide, and is Marquette University's oldest active fraternity. Eta Chapter has a rich history in the Milwaukee and Marquette Communities and remains very active today. As a yearly tradition Sigma Phi Delta proudly administers the Marquette's College of Engineering Scholarship Examination for incoming freshman, and is usually very active in student government

Theta Chapter - University of British Columbia

The Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on April 24, 1932. Because Alpha and Theta Chapters were the only active chapters in the Western Province, there is a healthy camaraderie between the two. Theta Actives are generally among the most involved students with the Engineering Undergraduate Society, and any of the affiliated clubs, at the University of British Columbia.

Kappa Chapter - Trine University

The Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 25, 1947. The Kappa Chapter is located at Trine University located in Angola, Indiana. This chapter was established during an engineering undergraduate boom at Tri-State College (former name) following WWII and the G.I. Bill. The castle as its known amongst its members is located just across the street from Campus, and is located within a 3 minute walk to the Engineering building making it one of the most convenient houses on campus. "Phi Delt's" is the local nickname which is different from most other chapters.

Rho Chapter - Bradley University

The Rho Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on Dec 18, 1965. After deactivating, the Rho Chapter was rechartered on April 18, 2015.

Phi Chapter - South Dakota State University

The Phi Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 4, 1991.

Psi Chapter - University of Delaware

The Psi Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on April 11, 1999. Psi Chapter is located at the University of Delaware located in Newark, DE. Psi chapter has been active in helping start new chapters on the east coast, notably Omega (Rutgers University), Beta-Iota (University of Maryland), and Beta-Kappa (Lehigh University). It's one of the largest Sigma Phi Delta chapters nationally.

Omega Chapter - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

The Omega Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 13, 2000. Omega is part of the Eastern Province and due to geographical closeness often interacts with Psi Chapter (University of Delaware). Actives at Omega are involved in a wide span of organizations, societies, and engineering departments at Rutgers. Though Omega is much younger than other active chapters, it is very active and well known among the National Fraternity for its unique character and involvement.

Beta-Gamma Chapter - Lamar University

The Beta-Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 17, 2003.

Beta-Delta Chapter - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The Beta-Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on December 3, 2005. Beta-Delta has been involved in Lego League and the Virginia Tech wide service projects known as Big Event and Relay for Life, and participate in philanthropies such as Cinco de Chi-O and their own Disc Golf matches, whose proceeds benefit Engineers Without Borders. They are also active in many intramural sports including flag football, volleyball and dodgeball.

Beta-Epsilon Chapter - University of British Columbia Okanagan

The Beta-Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on March 28, 2009.

Beta-Zeta Chapter - Wright State University

The Beta-Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on August 14, 2010.

Beta-Eta Chapter - Stony Brook University

The Beta-Eta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on February 4, 2012.

Beta-Theta Chapter - James Madison University

The Beta-Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on February 11, 2012.

Beta-Iota Chapter - University of Maryland, College Park

The Beta-Iota Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on June 23, 2012.

Beta-Kappa Chapter - Lehigh University

The Beta-Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on March 23, 2013. Based in Bethlehem PA, Lehigh University enriches and develops students in the PC Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Sigma Phi Delta at Beta Kappa holds many professional events to further the careers of its members.

Beta-Lambda Chapter - San Diego State University

The Beta-Lambda Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on April 20, 2013.

Beta-Mu Chapter - Milwaukee School of Engineering

The Beta-Mu Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on October 19, 2013.

Beta-Nu Chapter - California Polytechnic State University

The Beta-Nu Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on April 19, 2014.

Beta-Xi - West Virginia University

The Beta-Xi Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on December 6, 2014.

Beta-Omicron Chapter - University of Missouri

The Beta-Omicron Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on December 13, 2014.

Beta-Pi Chapter - Texas Tech University

The Beta-Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded on May 2, 2015.


Blazon for the Sigma Phi Delta Coat of Arms

Gules, a pall or, between, in chief two retorts crossed argent, in dexter base a quill sable surmounting a key in saltire, of the third, in sinister base a hammer fesswise of the fourth debruising a compass, points downward, of the third; over all the escutcheon of pretense, azure, charged with a castle or, masoned sable, with a bordure argent.

Crest, over a duke's helmet and a torse of the colors, a dexter cubit arm, proper, grasping a thunderbolt, winged or
Mantling: Gules doubled, or
Supporters: Two lions, rampant, proper

Motto: Sigma Phi Delta, in upper and lower case Greek letters


The Name of the Fraternity is represented by the capital form of the Greek letters Sigma (Σ), Phi (Φ), Delta (Δ) which stand for Science, Friendship and Duty.

Pledge Pin

The Pledge Pin is described as: "A red triangular background on which is a black Castle, the whole bordered in gold".

Membership Badge

The Membership Badge is described as: "A triangle having concave corners on which are superimposed three smaller triangles having concave sides and having their vertices at the center of the badge on which is placed a ruby. The smaller triangles, which contain the letters Sigma, Phi and Delta, are black, the background between them being white. A gold star is located near each of the vertices of the large triangle. The border may be engraved gold or may be jeweled. The crown pearl badge has four pearls on each side of the badge. The ruby point badge has two rubies and two pearls on each side, the pearls being in the middle and the rubies at the outside".

Fraternity Flag

The Fraternity Flag is 4' x 6' cotton bunting or nylon. The design is black letters, bordered with white and a gold Castle on a red field. This is a standard flag, that is, read correctly from left to right on one side and in reverse on the other.


Sigma Phi Delta Notable Alumni

Eric Newell (Theta Chapter) - Former Chairman and CEO of the oil company Syncrude. Chancellor of the University of Alberta.


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