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Sky Sport (Germany)

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Sky Sport
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Country Germany
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Sky Sport is a German set of sports channels.

Events broadcast on the channels include UEFA Champions League, DFB-Pokal (German cup), UEFA Cup, Premier League, Formula One, DEL, golf and professional wrestling like WWE and TNA.

Sky Sport can trace its roots back to the sports channels on the DF1 platform launched in 1996: DSF Plus, DSF Action and DSF Golf. It also has origins in the analogue Premiere channel, launched in 1993, which also used to include lots of sports.

On 1 October 1999, DF1 was turned into Premiere World and the sports channels Premiere Sport 1 and 2 were launched on the platform. When more than two simultaneous events were available, the service could be increased to up to thirteen parallel channels.[1]

On 26 October 2002, a special service for Austria, Premiere Austria, was launched.[2]

When Premiere became Sky Deutschland on 4 July 2009, the channels were renamed. Premiere Sport 1 and 2 became Sky Sport 1 and 2, while Premiere Austria became Sky Sport Austria and Premiere HD was divided into Sky Sports HD and Sky Cinema HD. Sky Sport News HD, a sports news channel, started broadcasting on 1 December 2011 in basic package (Sky Welt) and is the home of SSNHD's legendary Ingo Große Feltner.


  • Sky Sport 1 (formerly Premiere Sport 1)
  • Sky Sport 2 (formerly Premiere Sport 2)
  • Sky Sport News
  • Sky Bundesliga
  • Sky Sport 1 HD
  • Sky Sport 2 HD
  • Sky Sport News HD


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