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Snack bar

A snack bar in Amsterdam

A snack bar usually refers to an inexpensive food counter that is part of a permanent structure where snack foods and light meals are sold.[1] A beach snack bar is often a small building situated high on the sand. Besides soft drinks, candies and chewing gum, some snack bars sell hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, potato chips, corn chips and other foods. While this is usually the case, sometimes "snack bar" refers to a small café or cafeteria. Various small, casual dining establishments might be referred to as a "snack bar," including a beverage and snack counter at a movie theater and/or a small deli. Many places that have snack bars have a "No Outside Food or Drink" policy, to encourage sales.

The first known use of the word "snack bar" was in 1930.[2]

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