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Snawdoun Herald

Snawdoun Herald
The heraldic badge of Snawdoun Herald of Arms
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction Scotland
Governing body Court of the Lord Lyon

Snawdoun Herald of Arms in Ordinary is a current Scottish herald of arms in Ordinary of the Court of the Lord Lyon.[1]

The office was first mentioned in 1443 and the title is derived from a part of Stirling Castle which bore the same name. The last Snawdoun Herald of Arms to have served was in 1867.

The badge of office is Issuant from battlements Proper a unicorn’s head erased Argent, horned and crined and grasping in his mouth the sword Excalibur Or all ensigned of the Crown of Scotland Proper. The granting of this badge completed the devising of badges for all the ordinary and regularly used extraordinary officer of arms titles.[2]

The office is currently held by Elizabeth A. Roads, Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records for the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh. She was appointed to this post on the 17 December 2010.[3]

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