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A sołectwo [sɔˈwɛt͡stfɔ] (Polish plural: sołectwa) is an administrative unit in Poland, a subdivision of a gmina (although only rural locations are assigned to sołectwos). In many cases it consists of one village, but sometimes large villages may be divided into several sołectwos, while in other cases one sołectwo may consist of several villages or hamlets.

The elected head of a sołectwo is called a sołtys (for etymology see Schultheiß). In Polish villages the house of the current holder of that post is generally marked with a red plaque bearing the word SOŁTYS. The sołtys may be assisted by an elected sołectwo council (rada sołecka).

The equivalent administrative units in towns are called dzielnicas and osiedles.

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