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Social Liberal Forum

Social Liberal Forum
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Naomi Smith
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The Social Liberal Forum (often abbreviated to SLF) is an internal pressure group within the British Liberal Democrats that seeks to promote social liberalism within the party.[1] The Social Liberal Forum represents the broad centre and centre-left within the Liberal Democrats .[2][3] The book 'Reinventing the State: Social Liberalism for the 21st Century' has been said to be influential on the thinking of those who created the SLF.[4]


The SLF was launched in February 2009.[5][6] Although the SLF does not oppose the Coalition Government between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, it has campaigned for many changes to Coalition policy on issues such as NHS reforms,[6] economic policy [7] and cuts to welfare spending.[8]


The current Chair of the Social Liberal Forum is Naomi Smith and the SLF Director is Prateek Buch.[9]


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