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Solar (composition)

File:Sir Miles Davis Gravesite.JPG
Miles Davis' tombstone showing the first two measures of Solar
"Solar" (/ˈslər/ or /sˈlɑr/) is a musical composition attributed to Miles Davis on the studio album Walkin' (1954), considered a modern jazz standard. The tune has been played and recorded by many musicians including his former bandmates/collaborators Lee Konitz, Bill Evans, Dave Holland, Keith Jarrett or Jack DeJohnette. A controversy exists over authorship of this composition and one current consensus[1][2] holds that Davis' "Solar" is essentially an earlier song, "Sonny", written by Chuck Wayne.

The first two measures of this song adorn Miles Davis' tombstone in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Chord structure

Solar is considered a blues[3] by most listeners, and the commonly accepted chord structure[4] for this piece is:

A CmMaj7 % Cm7 or Gm7 Gm7 : C7
  FMaj7 % Fm7 Bb7
  EbMaj7 Ebm7 : Ab7 DbMaj7 Dm7b5 : G7



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