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Sony Spin

Sony Spin
Sony Spin logo
Launched May 1, 2011
Closed June 30, 2014
Owned by Sony Pictures Television
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Slogan Brazil: Tá ligado? ("Are you on?")
Country Brazil(Independent Feed)[1]
Language Spanish, Portuguese
Broadcast area Latin America
Formerly called Locomotion (1996-2005)
Animax (2005-2011)
Replaced by Lifetime
Sister channel(s) Sony Entertainment Television, AXN, AXN Spin (Polish version)

Sony Spin was a Latin American cable television channel, launched on May 1, 2011, replacing the local version of Animax.


Animax, being Sony's first attempt to offer a 24-hour anime channel in Latin America, was planned to broadcast the series in two formats: series containing 25 episodes or more (the majority, not all of them) would be aired at weekdays, whereas the series with less than 25 episodes would be shown only on certain days of the week, much like it is done in Japan. It was usual on one day to see a premiere episode of a series and as minimal two more as encores. Also, after every series, the channel aired a section called Animedia, which showed musical video clips of Japanese artists, extra information about anime and other themes, summaries of events dedicated to anime, and presentations about future series for the channel. As of January 2007, the channel aired a segment called Animax Nius (Nius = News), a teaser that featured news related to anime and other topics.

As of 2011, anime was relegated to late nights, as Western programming took over most of Animax's airtime. In May 1, 2011, the channel was renamed as Sony Spin and changed most of its programming, even removing its anime programming at late nights.

On July 1, 2014, Sony Spin was removed from cable and satellite operators.[2]


Past programming, as Sony Spin:

Past programming, as Animax:

Translation and dubbing teams

Several dubbing studios have participated in the translation of the aforementioned series for their premiere on Animax, and are located in key countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela. After Animax's arrival in 2005, numerous series have been translated and dubbed into Spanish and Portuguese languages, including Blood+, The Twelve Kingdoms, Steel Angel Kurumi, Noir, Wolf's Rain, Martian Successor Nadesico, Galaxy Angel and others.


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