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Souli (film)

File:Souli 01cor.jpg
Directed by Alexander Abela
Written by Alexander Abela
William Shakespeare (based on Othello)
Music by Deborah Mollison
Cinematography Joseph Areddy
Edited by Christel Dewynter
Anthony Sloman
Release dates
November 6, 2004 (Amiens International Film Festival)
Running time
94 mins.
Country France
United Kingdom
Language French, Malagasy

Souli is a 2004 Malagasy drama film written and directed by Alexander Abela and based on William Shakespeare's Othello. It follows Abela's 1999 film Makibefo, an adaptation of Macbeth.[1]


Carlos (based on Shakespeare's Cassio) is a young Spanish student searching for the renowned Senegalese poet Souli, who may be the last griot to possess the "Thiossan tale". Souli, based on Othello, is working as a fisherman and living with a young French woman Mona (based on Desdemona). Abela's version of the villainous Iago is French trader Yann, who, helped by his girlfriend Abi, plots to destroy the lives of Souli and Mona.[1][2]


Distribution and reception

Souli played at festivals including the 2004 Montreal World Film Festival and the 2005 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.[1][2] In 2005, it was nominated for the Grand Prix at the Paris Film Festival.[3]


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