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SportChassis LLC
Privately held company
Industry Automotive industry
Founded 1994
Headquarters Clinton, Oklahoma, United States
Area served
United States and Canada
Products Supertrucks and SUVs
Services Maintenance and parts
Owner Employee-owned

SportChassis LLC, formally Freightliner Special Vehicles,[1] is a manufacturer and distributor of custom-made heavy-duty pickup trucks and SUVs, all of which are based on the Freightliner Business Class M2. Freightliner Trucks is a major partner of the company, as Freightliner sends its business-class M2 chassis to the company to be made into consumer pickup trucks. The company primarily focuses on the U.S. and Canadian markets, as all of its dealerships are located in those countries; however, SportChassis has customers around the world buy its vehicles.


The company was founded in 1994 and originally focused on manufacturing emergency vehicles on various Freightliner chassis. Than in 1996, the SportChassis began to manufacture towing trucks made to tow Recreational vehicles. Freighliner later on purchased controlling interest in SportChassis and renamed the company Freightliner Special Vehicles. The company stopped manufacturing emergency vehicles in 2002, when Freightliner sold their emergency division. During that time, the number of employees dropped to less than 218. In 2006, Freightliner spunned off Freightliner Special Vehicles and the founder of SportChassis bought the company, and it became a privately held company. After being spun off, the company developed their owned dealership network, separate from Freightliner's. However in 2009, the founder was killed in a accident in mid-2009. After which, its Chief financial officer purchased the company, and renamed it to SportChassis LLC.

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