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St. Albert City Council

The St. Albert City Council is the governing body of the City of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. It is composed of a mayor and six councillors, aldermen prior to 2001. All seven members are elected at-large every four years, three years prior to 2013.

Current council

Previous City Councils


St. Albert Town Council

The St. Albert Town Council was the governing body of St. Albert, Alberta during its time as a town, which lasted from September 1, 1904 until December 31, 1956 and again from June 27, 1962 until December 31, 1976. The council was composed of a mayor and six town aldermen. The frequency of the council's election changed over time. Initially, the mayor was elected annually with the councillors being elected on staggered two year terms, with three being elected each year. When St. Albert became a town for the second time, in 1962, provincial legislation dictated instead that the entire council would be elected every three years.

  • William Veness - Mayor
  • John de Bruijn
  • Bernard Montpetit
  • Ed Powell
  • Walter Skrobot
  • David Stewart
  • Loyd Wheating

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