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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Incredible Hulk Annual #1 (Oct 1968)
Created by Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin
In-story information
Species Inhuman
Abilities Super-Strength

Stallior is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Fictional character biography

Stallior is an Inhuman who was a guardsman of the island of Attilan, originally in the Atlantic Ocean. Along with the "Evil Inhumans", Stallior became an insurrectionist and supported Maximus the Mad's military takeover of Attilan. Alongside the other "Evil Inhumans", Stallior was found guilty of treason and banished to "the Un-Place"; alongside Maximus and the "Evil Inhumans", he battled the Hulk and the Inhumans' Royal Family.[1]

When Maximus captures the Fantastic Four and the Inhuman Royal Family, he selects Stallior as one of his loyal guard to serve him. Alongside Maximus and the "Evil Inhumans", Stallior battled the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans' Royal Family when the prisoners escape. They defeat Maximus and the Inhumans loyal to him, but are unable to stop Maximus and his followers from escaping in a rocket.[2]

Maximus takes over the island of Costa Salvador with his band of evil Inhumans, using a robot that puts people into a hypnotic trance, and intends to slowly take over the world with more of these robots. The Hulk arrives on the island, and the evil Inhumans attack him; when the military arrives, Maximus convinces the Hulk to join him.[3] The Hulk attacks the army, causing them to retreat, and the evil Inhumans begin arguing over what to do with him as they fear his aggression. As they begin fighting with each other, Maximus calms them. When the Hulk smashes Maximus' robot, the Inhumans flee through a secret tunnel. As the Hulk and the military square off to fight, Maximus and the Inhumans blast out of the ground in an escape ship that flies off into the sky, providing a distraction for the Hulk to escape.[4]

The evil Inhumans assist Maximus as he Maximus produces a couple of missiles to make it look as though the Fantastic Four fired them at the Great Refuge; after Black Bolt destroys the missiles, he declares war on the Fantastic Four.[5] Black Bolt suspects Maximus may be behind the missile attack and dispatches Triton to check up on him, who discovers the missile silo and abducts Maximus to return to the Great Refuge for judgment.[6]

When the Silver Surfer crash lands in the Hidden Land of the Inhumans he is attacked the evil Inhumans led by Maximus, who succeeds in making the Surfer believe that the Inhumans as a whole are responsible for the attack.[7]

Alongside Maximus and the "Evil Inhumans", he once again battled the Royal Family.[8] Later, alongside the Royal Family, Stallior attempted to capture Quicksilver during Aireo's crime spree.[9]

Powers and abilities

Stallior has superhuman powers as a result of his genetically superior Inhuman physiology enhanced and mutated by the Terrigen Mist. Stallior's family, including his brother the guardsman Chiron, all has centaurian bodies due to the hereditary transfer of Terrigenated attributes from ten generations. Stallior also has superhuman strength. Like all Inhumans, Stallior's immune system is weaker than that of an average human.

Stallior wears a helmet and body armor covering the humanoid portion of his torso only. Stallior often wields a ball and 5' chain as weapons, and a circular shield approximately 2' in diameter.


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