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Stan Woch

Stan Woch
Born July 8, 1959
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Area(s) Penciller, Inker
Notable works
The Sandman
Swamp Thing

Stan Woch (born July 8, 1959)[1] is an American artist who has worked on comic strips and comic books.


Stan Woch's early career includes work as an assistant to Gray Morrow on the Barbara Cartland Romances and Buck Rogers comic strips. He then worked in the comic book industry as a penciller and inker. His first work for DC Comics was published in New Talent Showcase #1 (Jan. 1984).[2]

His credits as a penciller include the 1980s Airboy series, DC Comics' Swamp Thing and World's Finest Comics.[3] He drew part of the "Fables & Reflections" collection of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series.[4][5] His credits as an inker include the Airboy series, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Black Orchid, Doom Patrol, and the Robin continuing series.[6]

His work has won him a nomination for the 1986 Jack Kirby Award for Best Single Issue for Swamp Thing #43 with Alan Moore.[7]


DC Comics

Eclipse Comics

  • Airboy #3-10, 12-16, 33-37, 40-43, 45 (1986-1988)

Marvel Comics


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