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Statue of Trajan, Tower Hill

File:Trajan Statue.JPG
The statue in 2010

The statue of Trajan is an outdoor late-eighteenth-century bronze sculpture depicting Roman Emperor Trajan, located in front of a section of the London Wall built by Romans, at Tower Hill in London, United Kingdom.[1] He is shown bareheaded and wearing a tunic,[1] holding a scroll in his left hand while gesturing with his right hand raised.[2] A plaque at its base contains the inscription: "Statue Believed To Be The Roamn Emperor Trajan / A.D. 98–117 / IMPERATOR CAESAR NERVA TRAJANUS AUGUSTUS / PRESENTED BY THE TOWER HILL IMPROVEMENT TRUST AT THE / REQUEST OF THE REVEREND P.B. CLAYTON , CH.MC.DD. / FOUNDER PADRE OF TOC H."[2][3] There is no information presented at the site about the sculptor or date.[2]


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