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Swabhimani Paksha

Swabhimani Paksha
स्वाभिमानी पक्ष
Chairperson Raju Shetti
Founded 2004
Ideology Conservative liberalism
Political position Center-right
Alliance National Democratic Alliance (2014-)
Seats in Lok Sabha
1 / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha
0 / 545
Seats in Template:If empty
0 / 288
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Swabhimani Paksha (Marathi: स्वाभिमानी पक्ष English: Self-Respecting Party) is a political party in Maharashtra, India, formed by Raju Shetti, as a political wing of the Swabhimani Shetkari Saghtana after its split from the Shetkari Sanghatana led by Sharad Joshi in 2004. In 2004, Raju Shetti was elected to the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha from Shirol constituency as a Swabhimani Paksha candidate. Later, he was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 from Hatkanangle constituency.

The party joined the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance in 2014[1] and won one seat in the Indian general election, 2014 when Shetti was elected.[2]


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