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Tatberht was an eighth century Anglo Saxon Saint, Abbot[1] and contemporary of the venerable Bede.[2]


He is known to history through the writing of Bede, the Secgan Hagiography, Stephen of Ripon, Hugh Candidus and Byrhtferth.


File:Ripon Cathedral 2.jpg
The western façade of the cathedral.
Tatberht was appointed the second Abbot of Ripon, in accord with the terms of the will[3] of the Abbeys founder Saint Wilfrid,[4] who was notable for arguing the Roman position at the Synod of Whitby.

A relative of his predecessor Wilfred,[5] with whom he worked closely,[6] Tatberht, was named in Wilfrid’s will as joint heir with Saint Acca the patron of Bede.[7] Tatberht and Acca commissioned Stephen of Ripon [8] to write a life of Wilfrid[9][10][11][12]


According to Hugh Candidus and Byrhtferth he is buried at Ripon,[13] along with Saints Wilfrid, ‘’’Albert’’’, Botwine and Sicgred and ‘’’Wildegel’’’, while there is evidence he was re-interred in Peterborough Abbey.[14] and he is commemorated on 5 June.


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