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Technological fix

A technological fix or technical fix or technological shortcut[1] refers to the attempt of using engineering or technology to solve a problem.[2][3][4][5][6] Designing automobiles to protect fallible drivers provides one example.

Some references define technological fix as an "attempt to repair the harm of a technology by modification of the system", that might involve modification of the machine and/or modification of the procedures for operating and maintaining it.
The idea of a technological fix is a natural part of modern technology. It has been observed that many technologies, although invented and developed to solve certain perceived problems, often create other problems in the process. In other words, there would be modification of the basic hardware, modification of techniques and procedures, or both.[7]

In other words, Technological Fix is the idea that all problems can find solutions in better and new technologies; but now is used as a dismissive phrase to describe cheap, quick fixes by using inappropriate technologies; these fixes often create more problems than they solve. [8]

Technology Fix and Social Engineering

While technological fix is a technological solution to address one or more of the bad side effects of a technology, social engineering -that some call attitudinal fix- refers to the use of social policy, regulation, or law to moderate the bad effects of a technology that people use.[9]

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