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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
File:Trouble in Tokyo.jpg
DVD cover art
Written by David Slack
Directed by
Theme music composer
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Running time 75 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original channel Cartoon Network
Kids' WB
Original release
  • September 15, 2006 (2006-09-15)

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is a 2006 television animated film adaptation of the DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans. It is set in the milieu of the animated series' Teen Titans that ran from 2003-2006. The film premiered on Cartoon Network on September 15, 2006 and on Kids' WB on September 16, 2006. Teen Titans head writer David Slack returned for this movie, having left the series after its fourth season (which was intended to be the last season of the show).


Jump City is attacked by a Japanese ninja called Saico-Tek. The Teen Titans manage to capture him having their tower damaged. Under interrogation, Saico-Tek reveals the identity of the one who sent him: Brushogun. The ninja vanishes and the Titans head to Tokyo, Japan, to search for its master.

Upon arriving Tokyo, after overcoming the language barrier (Starfire kisses a Japanese boy and learns how to speak Japanese, much to Robin's shock and jealousy) and fighting a Godzilla-like giant reptile, the Titans meet Tokyo's own supernatural defense force - the Tokyo Troopers - led by Commander Uehara Daizo. He shows the Titans around the Tokyo Troopers headquarters, and when Robin questions him on Brushogun, Daizo claims that Brushogun is nothing more than an urban legend. Left with no villains to pursue, the Titans can do nothing else than to enjoy Tokyo as tourists.

Everyone goes off to separate parts of Tokyo to do their own thing: Beast Boy follows a cute girl around and eventually lured to a karaoke bar, Cyborg goes to an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, and Raven searches for book stores to read and then later she found something that may know about Brushogun. Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire explore Tokyo, from boating through sakura trees, and watching a sumo-wrestling match to going to an arcade. They later sit on top of the Tokyo Tower. Starfire talks to Robin about the kiss she had with the boy from before which Robin brings up about how she kissed him when they first met and now understands it was to learn English, but Starfire has now learned that on Earth the action means "more". Robin and Starfire finally start to express their true feelings for each other while also explaining that nothing could ever get in the way of their friendship. They are about to share their first true kiss together, when suddenly Robin starts to focus on Brushogun again and tells Starfire that they are heroes and they can't be anything more. Starfire upset flies away with tears in her eyes.

Investigating alone, Robin is attacked once more by Saico-Tek and they get into a very violent fight which ends with Robin pummeling the ninja into the ground. When Saico-Tek does not rise, the crowd watching believes Robin has murdered his opponent. Commander Daizo apprehends Robin, despite the hero's protestations of innocence.

Beast Boy and Cyborg are now being chased by Beast Boy's fangirls from the karaoke bar and the chefs from the restaurant. Meanwhile Starfire is alone by herself, where she watches a window display of two mechanical mice kiss each other making her depressed, suddenly a little girl comes up to her and ask if anything is wrong. Starfire tells the girl that everything is fine, but as she starts to leave, Starfire follows her, where explains her problems with Robin and admits that ever since the day she and Robin first met each other she has had feelings for him. However, Starfire now starts to believe that maybe it was foolish think that Robin had feelings for her and now starts to believe that there isn't anything more between. The girl however gives Starfire a bright smile, which makes her finally see that Robin does have feelings for her and realizes that there has always been something special between her and Robin.

The Mayor of Tokyo announces Robin's arrest and orders that the other Teen Titans must either turn themselves in or leave Tokyo at once. Starfire calls the other Titans and tells them about Robin's arrest, they are about to regroup when Brushogun sends out his minions to destroy each of the Titans. Cyborg is attacked by a giant yellow robot who keeps trying to eat him, Beast Boy is attacked by a pink cat girl who turns out to be the cute girl he was following earlier, Raven is attacked by a ghostly figure in a graveyard and Starfire is attacked by a small blue robot boy in the sky.

Robin is transferred, when during the ride a slip of paper bearing the name "Brushogun" flits into the armored car carrying him and explodes, freeing him. Now on the run, Robin co-opts the identity of a Shinjuku, Tokyo mugger to collect information that Brushogun is in fact real, he is eventually found by the Tokyo Troopers which leads to a car chase, Robin is surrounded front to back and is about to be arrested when Starfire comes to his rescue. Starfire takes Robin to a secret hideout where she explains the situation, as she is about to leave, Robin stops her and they both try and kiss again when suddenly Beast Boy and the others barge in on them, who have come back safely.

Brushogun, as Raven relates from the book she found, was an artist who dreamed of bringing his beloved drawings to life using Japanese black magic. The spell turned against the artist and he was transformed into a being of paper and ink - ink that he could use to bring any creation he could imagine to life, thus becoming Tokyo's first super villain - Brushogun, until he suddenly disappeared. With this new information, and avoiding the Tokyo Troopers, Robin has no trouble deducing Brushogun's hideout: the manga comic book publishing factory. Breaking in, the Titans discover a withered form of Brushogun, trap wired into a cursed printing press that presses his powers to create the enemies the Titans have faced. He reveals that he had sent the first Saico-Tek to the Titans to lure them to Tokyo in order to stop the one who has enslaved him, who turns out to be Daizo, who has used Brushogun's power to create both his Tokyo Troopers and the monsters that they captured in order to gain a reputation as a hero.

A massive battle ensues, culminating in Robin facing Daizo. With no options of escape left, Daizo hurls himself from the catwalk, into the ink reservoir of the press, taking control of Brushogun's magic and transforming himself into a giant, hulking mass of ink and machinery, with Brushogun at the center, and creates multiple versions of his previous creations. As the other Titans battle creatures Daizo hurls at them, Robin frees Brushogun. As the old man peacefully fades away in his arms into the after life, his powers disappear and Daizo is left defeated and exposed.

With the battle concluded, Robin tries to explain his true and strong romantic feelings for Starfire, but getting the message, she silences him by telling him to "stop talking." The two romantically share their first proper kiss as the other three Titans look on, with Cyborg stating, "Well, it's about time" revealing that they all knew they were going to get together one day.

Later on, with Robin's name cleared, the Titans are awarded medals of honor by the mayor for their actions of unlocking the truth, and the inhabitants of Tokyo welcome their new heroes. Robin and Starfire are seen as a romantic couple, Cyborg earns the "all-you-can-eat" entirely, Beast Boy had become popular among the girls from the karaoke bar, and Raven been made a mascot for Japanese confections. Robin remarks that heroes could use a vacation once in a while and Beast Boy then declares that he wants to go to Mexico next year, prompting Raven to slap him in the back of his head; ending the film.

Voice Cast

Soundtrack release

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
File:Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo soundtrack.jpg
Film score by Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion, and Lolita Ritmanis
Released July 22, 2008
Length 53:33
Label La-La Land Records

A soundtrack to the movie was released on July 22, 2008 through La-La-Land Records.[1] The track listing is as follows.

All songs written and composed by Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion, and Lolita Ritmanis
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
No. Title Length
1. "Meet Saico Tek"   5:18
2. "Interrogation"   1:23
3. "Main Title"   2:36
4. "Tokyo Arrival"   1:28
5. "Monster Attack"   4:36
6. "Troopers Tour + Robin's Disappointment"   1:46
7. "Titans Watched"   1:52
8. "Starfire Videogame"   1:18
9. "Moment Lost"   2:39
10. "Tokyo Skyline + Robin Blots Out Saico Tek"   4:11
11. "All You Can Eat / Boy Troubles"   2:01
12. "Titans Attack"   1:51
13. "The Note"   0:51
14. "The Fight Continues"   2:43
15. "Raven Finds Books / Robin Goes Underground"   1:19
16. "Play It Louder"   0:55
17. "Bar Fight"   1:18
18. "Motorcycle Chase"   1:57
19. "Brushogun Origin"   2:17
20. "Chasing Titans"   1:58
21. "Meet Brushogun"   3:48
22. "Villains Makin' Copies"   2:16
23. "Final Battle"   4:20
24. "The Kiss"   0:55
25. "Tokyo's Newest Heroes"   1:58
26. "End Credits"   1:59
Total length:

DVD release

The DVD release date was February 6, 2007. The special features included are "The Lost Episode" and a game.


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