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This article is about the Italian-language television channel in Monaco. For the French-language television channel, see Télé Monte Carlo.
Tele Monte Carlo
Launched August 5, 1974
Closed June 24, 2001
Owned by Organizações Globo (90%), RAI (10%)
Country Monaco
Language Italian
Headquarters Rome, Italy

Tele Monte Carlo (TMC) was the Italian language television channel from the Principality of Monaco.


Telemontecarlo was founded in 1974 in the Principality of Monaco. During that time, the channel was the only competitor of Italian public television network RAI, broadcasting in color. Since the introduction of Mediaset channels, TMC survived with some difficulties until 2001 when the last owner, the film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori, sold the network to SEAT Pagine Gialle.

On March 12, 1982, RAI acquired the 10% of the network. Later on August 4, 1985 the Brazilian organizations Organizações Globo acquired the remaining 90%. The programming changed and included more Brazilian programs like telenovelas and other television series. The channel also broadcast the Rio Carnival live. In general, the channel adopted the same station identification and commercial bumpers from Rede Globo.

In 1993, an Italian businessman, Raul Gardini, acquired Telemontecarlo. At the same time, the channel became a member of Eurovision Network where they were broadcast parts of 1992 Summer Olympics, the 1992 America's Cup and the UEFA Euro 1992 soccer championship.

In 1995, Italian film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori, who at that time already owner of Videomusic, acquired TMC and created TMC2 to compete with RAI and Mediaset networks. However, his intentions were thwarted and ratings were at an all-time low, because the channel lacked nationwide coverage in Italy.

In 1996, the channel also tried to acquire the television rights of Serie A, competing against RAI. On March 10, 2000 the channel broadcast the Italian premiere of Sex and the City.

In 1999, the channel moved from its historical headquarters in Monte Carlo to a new building in Rome. However, in 2001 Vittorio Cecchi Gori sold the network to SEAT Pagine Gialle (part of Telecom Italia holding). On June 24, the network changed the station name to La7, closing Tele Monte Carlo.