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Template:Adjectivals and demonyms for fictional regions

Name Adjective Demonym
Atlantis Atlantean, Atlantine Atlanteans, Atlantans</tr> Aloria Alorn Alorns</tr> Attilan Inhumans</tr> Blefuscu Blefuscudian Blefuscudians</tr> Brobdingnag Brobdingnagian Brobdingnagians</tr> Laputa Laputan Laputans</tr> Lilliput Lilliputian Lilliputians</tr> Cardassia Prime Cardassian Cardassians</tr> Bajor Bajoran Bajorans, Bajora</tr> Ferenginar Ferengi Ferengi</tr> Gallifrey Gallifreyan Gallifreyans</tr> Genosha Genoshan Genoshans</tr> Latveria Latverian Latverians</tr> Luggnagg Struldbrugs</tr> Narnia Narnian Narnian</tr> Oz Ozian Ozian</tr> Qo'noS Klingon Klingons</tr> Remus Reman Remans</tr> Rohan Rohirric Rohirrim</tr> Romulus Romulan Romulans</tr> Skaro Skaroene, Skarosian Skarosians</tr> Sontar Sontaran Sontarans</tr> Utopia Utopian Utopians</tr> Wakanda Wakandan Wakandans </tr> Vulcan Vulcan, Vulcanian Vulcans</tr>