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Template:Comics navbar

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This template is designed to be used for articles about general topics related to comics.


{{Comics navbar
<!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics-->
|title     =
|image     = <!-- filename and descriptor only e.g. image.jpg -->
|imagesize = <!-- defaults to 200px -->
|caption   = <!-- image caption -->
<!-- end {{Comics navbar}} -->}}

All parameters are optional.

The title of the article page.
An optional image to decorate the box.
An optional parameter to adjust the size of the image in the box. Defaults to 200px.
A descriptive caption for the image, if any.

Example usage

{{Comics navbar
|title     = Comic strip
|image     = Little Nemo moon.jpg
|imagesize = 300px
|caption   = [[Winsor McCay]]'s ''[[Little Nemo]]'' (1905), an American
             [[Sunday strip|Sunday comic strip]] featuring a heightened
             use of perspective, a sequential narrative in panel tiers
             and dream-like plots