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For the Mongol emperor Temüjin, see Genghis Khan.
Temujin with the Ten Rings
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Iron Man (volume 3) #53 (2002)
Created by Ryan Odagawa
Mike Grell
In-story information
Alter ego Temujin
Team affiliations Agents of Atlas
Notable aliases Son of the Ugudei, Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed and reflexes
Enhanced resistance to injury

Temugin is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. He is the estranged son of Iron Man's archenemy, the Mandarin. He first appeared in Iron Man (volume 3) #53 (2002). Temugin is named after his ancestor Genghis Khan, whose real name was Temujin (also spelled Temuchin, Tamojen and Temudjin; u also variates to ü).

Fictional character biography

As an infant, Temugin was delivered to a monastery in the Himalayas by his father, the Chinese warlord known as the Mandarin. Confident the monks would educate the boy, in the ways of the body and spirit, the Mandarin cut off almost all communication with his son. Temugin took to his studies with vigor and passion, seeking to bury his anger at his father for abandoning him. As a result of the martial-arts training and spiritual guidance provided by the monks, Temugin came to realize that the mightiest weapon of iron is nothing compared to the hand that wields it.[1]

The mini-series, Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, reveals that after the Mandarin's first encounter with his great enemy Iron Man, he came back to the monastery to forcefully enlist Temugin via his mind control ring to shoot Tony Stark. Temugin enters the United States and becomes a low-level employee at Stark Enterprises. After witnessing Anton Vanko sacrifice himself for Iron Man against the new Crimson Dynamo, Temugin approached Tony Stark that night and shot him in the chest, finding his Iron Man chestplate underneath had protected him and deciphering who Iron Man really was. Stark saved himself by running into an elevator shaft and detonating the armor in his briefcase at his assailant. Temugin survived and escaped the building for the monastery. His father then called him a disappointment as Temugin renounced his father's ways. As the Mandarin proceeded to wipe Temugin's mind of the incident, the son took solace in the fact that the warlord would be erasing his only opportunity (at the time) to know his two great enemies, Tony Stark and Iron Man, were one and the same.[2]

Many years later, Temugin's destiny arrived in a box at the monastery following the Mandarin's death in a battle against Iron Man. Inside were the severed hands of Temugin's father, still bearing the ten rings of power once wielded by the criminal. It was then that Temugin learned of Mandarin's last wishes. While Temugin harbored no animosity in his heart toward Iron Man, honor demanded he take Mandarin's place and succeed where the warlord had failed. Temugin must kill Iron Man, otherwise his father's spirit would never find peace.[3]

Luring Iron Man to his father's fortress, Temugin proved more than a match for Iron Man's mechanically enhanced strength. The young warrior stood ready to deliver a killing blow when another of the Mandarin's enemies attacked, and the fortress erupted into flames.[volume & issue needed]

After Tony Stark revealed a conspiracy for mass murder in his own ranks, Temugin appeared to have forgiven Iron Man for the death of his father and to have turned to more lofty pursuits, but recent events indicate the power of the rings have corrupted his soul.[volume & issue needed]

Temugin later makes an appearance in MODOK's 11 #4, wherein he has been contacted by the double-crossing Spot, who promptly hands over the weapon that MODOK had been planning to steal. In this appearance, Temugin speaks of the Mandarin as "My Late Father", and bears the Rings, one of which he uses to imprison Spot in another dimension with nothing but money. [4] In the following issue, the Puma tears off at least one of his hands. However, it is possible that he retained at least half of the rings, as Nightshade who used the rings on his lost hand, was not seen with them at the end of the story.[5]

However, much later he's seen among the Agents of Atlas, appointed as a second in command, and possible replacement, for Jimmy Woo, current head figure for the Atlas Foundation. Now sporting a bulky prosthetic, he initially comes into conflict with Jimmy Woo over what he perceives as cowardly behavior and pointlessly complicated planning on Woo's part. The two gradually become friends over the course of several battles, most notably versus Jade Claw.[6]

Sasha Hammer is his paternal half-sister.

Powers and abilities

Temugin has the ability to channel Chi into superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and enhanced resistance to injury.

Temugin also briefly wore the ten rings of power given to him by his father, the Mandarin.

  1. Ice bursts/beams.
  2. Flame bursts/beams.
  3. Mind control.
  4. Electrical charges.
  5. White light beams.
  6. Black light beams.
  7. Disintegration blasts/beams
  8. Force blasts/beams.
  9. Vortex creation.
  10. Matter transformation.

These have since been reclaimed by his father.

In other media


  • Temugin (also known as Gene Khan) appears in Iron Man: Armored Adventures voiced by Vincent Tong. He appears as the second main villain in the show and is the current Mandarin. Gene Khan is also the last descendant of the first Mandarin and is searching for his rings so he can gain ultimate power.


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