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Terry Dodson

Terry Dodson
Dodson at the 2012 New York Comic Con
Born Terrence Dodson
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Area(s) Artist
Notable works
Harley Quinn
Uncanny X-Men
Wonder Woman, vol. 3

Terrence "Terry" Dodson is an American comic book artist and penciller. He is best known for his work on titles such as Harley Quinn, Trouble, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Uncanny X-Men. His pencils are usually inked by his wife Rachel Dodson, who is a comic book inker and colorist.


Dodson began his illustration career in 1991 at Revolutionary Comics, drawing issues of Rock 'N' Roll Comics that featured illustrated bios of performers like Rod Stewart (#38) and others. He first came to mainstream prominence as the artist on Malibu Comics' Ultraverse title Mantra in 1993. He co-created the character with writer Mike W. Barr.

In early 1996, he drew a four issue Storm mini series (starring the X-Men character of the same name), which was written by Warren Ellis, inked by Karl Story and published by Marvel Comics.

Harley Quinn #1 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson.

Later that same year this creative team reunited for another X-Men-related limited series - the 3 issue Pryde and Wisdom title, starring Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom.

In 1998, he became regular penciller of Marvel's Generation X, where he remained until 2000 (#38-60).

In 2000, Dodson left Marvel for DC Comics where he pencilled a Harley Quinn ongoing series written by Karl Kesel.[1] He left the title a year later.

Dodson returned to Marvel in 2002 to draw Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, a limited series which was not completed until 2006 due to delays.

In 2003, Dodson and writer Mark Millar produced a controversial limited series titled Trouble, which was published through Marvel's Epic Comics imprint. The series which was supposedly aimed at a teenage girl audience, featured suggestive photo covers of girls in bikinis and seemed to reveal details about Peter Parker (Spider-Man)'s true parentage.

In 2004, Dodson and Millar reteamed to launch a new ongoing Spider-Man series, Marvel Knights Spider-Man. They left after a 12-issue arc.

Dodson provided covers and interior art for DC Comics' 2006 relaunch of Wonder Woman. He has also completed the first volume of Songes: Coraline, a comic strip which is edited and published in France and Spain.

Dodson is currently serving as the artist for Uncanny X-Men, a position he shares with artist Greg Land. Dodson and Land will be changing places on the title's regular art duties with Land drawing the first arc and Dodson doing the next one and so on. This is on purpose so Dodson has the time to keep working on another Songes: Coraline volume, as his contract allows him to publish on Europe. His first official stint as regular Uncanny X-Men artist began with issue #504.

In 2014, General Mills enlisted the help of DC Comics to create new designs for its monster-themed cereals in time for Halloween. The designs, revealed on August 6, consisted of a Count Chocula design by Dodson, a Boo Berry design by Jim Lee, and a Franken-Berry design by Dave Johnson.[2]


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  2. ^ Sunu, Steve (August 6, 2014). "Jim Lee, Dave Johnson, Terry & Rachel Dodson Redesign General Mills' Monster Cereals". Comic Book Resources.

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