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For the similarly named towns between the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, see Texhoma (disambiguation).
File:Etho telephonic texoma.jpg
The frequency of the word "Texoma" in telephone business directory listings

Texoma, a portmanteau of the words Texas and Oklahoma, is used to describe the area on either side of the border between these two states along the Red River valley, in particular the area around Lake Texoma, a popular recreation area. The surrounding area is alternatively referred to as Texomaland.

Like many regional names, businesses use the term Texoma in their name to describe their intended service area.

A portion of the Texoma area south of Lake Texoma has been designated an American Viticultural Area, the Texoma AVA.

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File:Map of texoma area.jpg
A map of the counties commonly considered part of the Texoma area.

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