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Thai President Foods

Thai President Foods PCL
Traded as SETTF
Founded April 18, 1972 (1972-04-18)
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
File:MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodles.png
MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodles

Thai President Foods PCL (Thai: บริษัท ไทย เพรซิเดนท์ ฟูดส์ จำกัด) is a Bangkok-based Thai company established April 18, 1972. It makes the internationally marketed instant noodle brand "MAMA".


As of 2012, Thai President Foods was the main instant noodle manufacturer in Thailand, with a 45% share of the market.[1] In the world market, the company claims it is the tenth largest noodle company.[2]

Since 1978, the company's shares are traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).[3] Chairman of the Board of directors is Boonsithi Chokwatana; President is Pipat Paniangvait; Vice President is Suchai Ratanajiajaroen[4]

As of 2008, 3,824 people are employed by Thai President Foods[5] The factory sites are all located in Thailand (Lamphun Province and Sriracha Cholburi).[6] As of 2008, Thai President Foods has a registered capital of 180 million Thai baht.[7] (c. US$5.31 million). Exports are managed by the company's subsidiary, President Interfood Co., Ltd.


The food company's main products are flavoured instant noodles mainly sold under the "MAMA" brand[8] and other brands such as "Mamy", "Pama", "Papa", "Sai Keo" and "Honghow" which are distributed worldwide. In Thailand, instant noodles made by Thai President Foods have a 50% + market share which gives the company a market dominance in that segment. Currently, the export quantity of MAMA Instant noodles soups is five million packages per day.[9]

The product range[10] is

Thai President Foods takes part in the government marketing campaign "Diversity and Refinement" (registration no. FB 0128/05) by the Department of Export Promotion.


  • This text is mainly based upon the content of the company's website
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