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The Beach Boys timeline

The Beach Boys were a rock group from Hawthorne, California. This timeline chronicles their activities.

Recording sessions and concert performances are omitted unless historically exceptional.

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Type codes
T Event type
B Changes to band line-up/name
L Life events (including births, deaths, weddings, and divorces)
PA Performance: audition
PC Performance: concert
PR Performance: radio broadcast
PT Performance: TV broadcast
RA Record release: album
RE Record release: EP
RF Film or video release
RS Record release: single
S Recording music for record release
SR Recording music for radio broadcast
V Recording video (film, TV, video)
O Other events
Location codes
Event location L
United Kingdom UK
United States US
Other O


Date T Event L
1917 Jul 02 L Murry Wilson is born in Hutchinson, Kansas.[1] US
1917 Jul 02 L Audree Neva Korthoff is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1] US


Date T Event L
1941 Mar 13 L Michael Edward Love is born in Los Angeles, California.[1] US
1942 Jun 20 L Brian Douglas Wilson is born in Los Angeles, California.[1][2] US
1942 Jun 27 L Benjamin Baldwin (later Bruce Arthur Johnston) is born in Chicago, Illinois.[1] US
1942 Sep 03 L Alan Charles Jardine is born in Lima, Ohio.[1][3] US
1944 Dec 04 L Dennis Carl Wilson is born in Los Angeles, California.[1] US
1945 Dec 21 L Carl Dean Wilson is born in Los Angeles, California.[1] US
1948 Aug 22 L David Lee Marks is born in Erie, Pennsylvania.[4] US


Date T Event L
1958 Jun 20 O Brian's 16th birthday. He is given a Wollensak tape recorder.[1] US


Date T Event L
1960 PC Brian, Carl, Mike, and friends begin performing at school assemblies under the name Carl & the Passions.[1] US


Date T Event L
1961 Jun B Jardine suggests forming a group with Brian, while Brian keeps in mind the inclusion of Carl and Mike.[5] US
1961 Nov RS "Surfin'" / "Luau" released on Candix.[5] US


Date T Event L
1962 Jan O Brian meets and begins a songwriting partnership with Gary Usher.[4] US
1962 Feb B Jardine resigns from the band and is replaced by David Marks.[4] US
1962 Apr 19 S Brian and Usher record four songs (later credited to Kenny & the Cadets) which will lead to a Capitol contract.[4] US
1962 Jun RS "Surfin' Safari" / "409" released.[4] US
1962 Sep O Brian receives his first ever production credit with the release of "The Revo-Lution" / "Number One" by Rachel and the Revolvers.[4] US
1962 Oct 01 RA Surfin' Safari released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1963 Sep PC The Beach Boys play their first non-California show in Arizona.[7] US
1963 Mar 25 RA Surfin' U.S.A. released.[6] US
1963 Apr RA Surfin' Safari released.[6] US
1963 May B At Brian's request, Al Jardine returns to the band as a semi-permanent member. In the studio, the band are now a 6-piece; on stage, Jardine only acts as a replacement for Brian when he declines live performances.[7] US
1963 Aug O The Ronettes' "Be My Baby" released.[citation needed] US
1963 Sep 16 RA Surfer Girl released.[6] US
1963 Oct 07 RA Little Deuce Coupe released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1964 Feb 03 RS "Fun, Fun, Fun" / "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" released.[citation needed] US
1964 Feb 07 O The Beatles arrive in the United States.[citation needed] US
1964 Mar 02 RA Shut Down Volume 2 released.[6] US
1964 Apr 02 O Murry Wilson is fired as the band's manager.[8] US
1964 May 11 RS "I Get Around" / "Don't Worry Baby" released.[citation needed] US
1964 Jun 13 RA All Summer Long released.[6] US
1964 Aug 24 RS "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)" / "She Knows Me Too Well" released.[citation needed] US
1964 Sep 21 RE Four by The Beach Boys released.[citation needed] US
1964 Sep 31 RA The Beach Boys' Christmas Album released.[6] US
1964 Oct 19 RA Beach Boys Concert released.[citation needed] US
1964 Oct 26 RS "Dance, Dance, Dance" / "The Warmth of the Sun" released.[citation needed] US
1964 Oct 29 V The Beach Boys, with Brian, perform for The T.A.M.I. Show.[9] US
1964 Nov RF The T.A.M.I. Show released in theaters.[9] US
1964 Nov 09 RS "The Man with All the Toys" / "Blue Christmas" released.[citation needed] US
1964 Dec 07 L Brian Wilson marries Marilyn Rovell.[8] US
1964 Dec 23 PT The Beach Boys, with Brian, perform on Shindig!.[10] US
1964 Dec 23 O Brian suffers a panic attack while on a flight from Los Angeles to Houston.[10] US
1964 Dec B Glen Campbell is quickly brought in to replace Brian as a touring member.[8] US


Date T Event L
1965 Jan B Brian announces to the group that he will resign from touring indefinitely.[11] US
1965 Feb 15 RS "Do You Wanna Dance?" / "Please Let Me Wonder" released.[citation needed] US
1965 Mar 08 RA The Beach Boys Today! released.[6] US
1965 O Brian experiences his first acid trip in the spring.[11] US
1965 Apr RA Surfer Girl released.[6] UK
1965 Apr B Bruce Johnston replaces Glen Campbell as both a studio and touring member.[11] US
1965 Apr 05 RS "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Kiss Me, Baby" released.[citation needed] US
1965 Jun S Brian begins work on "Sloop John B".[citation needed] US
1965 Jun O Brian meets Van Dyke Parks; the two listen to a playback of "Sloop John B".[citation needed] US
1965 Jul 05 RA Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) released.[6] US
1965 Jul 12 RS "California Girls" / "Let Him Run Wild" released.[citation needed] US
1965 Aug RA Surfin' U.S.A. released.[6] UK
1965 Sep 08 RA Beach Boys' Party! released.[6] US
1965 Nov 22 RS "The Little Girl I Once Knew" / "There's No Other (Like My Baby)" released.[citation needed] US
1965 Dec O Brian contacts Tony Asher about a possible lyric collaboration.[11] US
1965 Dec 06 O The Beatles' Rubber Soul released.[citation needed] US
1965 Dec 20 RS "Barbara Ann" / "Girl Don't Tell Me" released.[citation needed] US


Date T Event L
1966 O Ex-Beatles publicist Derek Taylor is employed by the band in the spring.[12] US
1966 Feb O Brian and Parks meet again at a lawn party thrown by Terry Melcher.[12] US
1966 Feb 03 L Carl Wilson marries Annie Hinsche.[12] US
1966 Feb 17 S Brian begins work on "Good Vibrations".[citation needed] US
1966 May 11 S Brian begins work on "Heroes and Villains".[citation needed] US
1966 May 16 RA Pet Sounds released.[6] US
1966 Jun 27 RA Pet Sounds released.[6] UK
1966 Sep 21 S "Good Vibrations" completed.[citation needed] US
1966 Oct 10 RS "Good Vibrations" / "Let's Go Away for Awhile" released.[citation needed] US
1966 Nov 28 S Brian begins work on "The Elements: Fire". He is later disturbed that several fires have broke out in the Los Angeles area; the Smile project begins to unravel.[12] US
1966 Dec V Brian performs "Surf's Up" at his home for the CBS documentary Inside Pop.[12] US
1966 Dec O The Beach Boys are voted in a readers' poll conducted by NME as the number one vocal group in the world, ahead of the Beatles with 5,373 votes to 5,272.[12] UK


Date T Event L
1967 Jan 03 O Carl Wilson begins his draft battle, claiming conscientious objector status.[12] US
1967 Jan 15 O Brian misses the Smile deadline he set for Capitol.[12] US
1967 Feb 28 O The Beach Boys sue Capitol Records for unpaid back royalties and $225,000 for an outdated breakages clause.[12] US
1967 Apr O Brian is appointed as a board member for the projected Monterey Pop Festival in June.[12] US
1967 Apr 14 S Van Dyke Parks' final Smile session.[13] US
1967 Apr 26 PT Inside Pop airs on CBS with Brian's performance from December.[14] US
1967 May 02 O Derek Taylor announces that Smile has been cancelled.[12] UK
1967 May RS "Then I Kissed Her" / "Mountain of Love" released.[citation needed] US
1967 May 18 S The Smile era ends with the final session date for "Love to Say Dada".[citation needed] US
1967 May 27 S The Beach Boys migrate to Brian's home studio and begin recording Smiley Smile.[citation needed] US
1967 Jun 03 O Brian declares to the Beach Boys that most of the Smile material is now distinctly off-limits.[15] US
1967 Jun O The Beach Boys announce that they will not be performing at the Monterey Pop Festival.[12] US
1967 Jul 25 O Capitol executive Karl Engemann circulates a memo discussing a 10-track Smile album to follow Smiley Smile.[citation needed] US
1967 Jul 30 RS "Heroes and Villains" / "You're Welcome" released.[citation needed] US
1967 Aug O The Beach Boys, with Brian and without Johnston, travel to Hawaii to record a live album, Lei'd in Hawaii.[12] US
1967 Aug 25 PC The Beach Boys' first Lei'd in Hawaii date with Brian.[citation needed] US
1967 Aug 26 PC The Beach Boys' second Lei'd in Hawaii date with Brian.[citation needed] US
1967 Sep 11 S The Beach Boys attempt to record Lei'd in Hawaii as a live-in-the-studio album at Wally Heider Studios.[citation needed] US
1967 Sep 18 RA Smiley Smile released.[6] US
1967 Oct 23 RS "Wild Honey" / "Wind Chimes" released.[citation needed] US
1967 Dec 15 O The Beach Boys, without Brian, meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Paris.[citation needed] O
1967 Dec 18 RA Wild Honey released.[6] US
1967 Dec 18 RS "Darlin'" / "Here Today" released.[citation needed] US
1967 Dec O Jann Wenner writes an influential piece in Rolling Stone that derides the Beach Boys for Wild Honey and excludes them from "serious conversation".[12] US


Date T Event L
1968 O Brian admits himself into a psychiatric hospital.[16][17] US
1968 Jun 24 RA Friends released.[6] US
1968 Aug 19 RA Stack-O-Tracks released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1969 Feb 20 RA 20/20 released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1970 Aug 31 RA Sunflower released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1971 Aug 30 RA Surf's Up released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1972 Mar 15 RA Carl and the Passions – "So Tough" released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1973 Jan 08 RA Holland released.[6] US


Date T Event L
1974 Dec 23 RS "Child of Winter (Christmas Song)" / "Susie Cincinnati" released. Brian is credited as producer, his first for the Beach Boys in seven years.[18] US


Date T Event L
1975 Aug S Brian produces "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" for California Music.[19] US
1975 Oct O Eugene Landy is employed as a psychotherapist for Brian.[19] US


Date T Event L
1976 Jul 05 RA 15 Big Ones released.[6] US
1976 Dec O Landy is fired.[20] US


Date T Event L
1977 Apr 11 RA Love You released.[21] US


Date T Event L
1978 Jun 28 L Dennis Wilson remarries Karen Lamm.[22] US
1978 Jul 04 L Carl and Annie Wilson separate.[22] US
1978 Jul 12 L Dennis files for divorce from Karen Wilson.[22] US
1978 Jul 15 L Brian and Marilyn Wilson separate.[22] US
1978 O Brian is hospitalized for several months.[22] US
1978 Oct 2 RA M.I.U. Album released.[22] US


Date T Event L
1979 Jan L Brian and Marilyn finalize their divorce.[23] US
1979 Mar 19 RA L.A. (Light Album) released.[23] US


Date T Event L
1980 Mar 24 RA Keepin' the Summer Alive released.[24] US
1981 Jan O Dennis Wilson is violently beaten at his home by Stan Love and Rocky Pamplin in hopes that he will stop supplying Brian with drugs.[25] US
1982 Jan L Gage Dennis Wilson is born to Dennis Wilson and Shawn Love.[26] US
1982 Dec O The Beach Boys deceive Brian to get him back under the care of Eugene Landy.[26] US
1983 Jan 02 O Brian is admitted to a hospital for a two-week-long physical and subsequently embarks with Landy to Honolulu, Hawaii.[27] US
1983 Jul 28 L Dennis Wilson marries Shawn Love.[27] US
1983 Dec 28 L Dennis drowns in California.[27] US
1985 Jun 10 RA The Beach Boys released.[28] US
1989 Aug 28 RA Still Cruisin' released.[29] US


Date T Event L
1992 Aug 03 RA Summer in Paradise released.[30] US
1998 Feb 06 L Carl Wilson dies of lung and brain cancer.[31] US
1996 Aug 19 RA Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 released.[32] US


Date T Event L
2004 Feb 20 PC Brian debuts Brian Wilson Presents Smile at the Royal Festival Hall in London.[33] UK


Date T Event L
2012 Jun 05 RA That's Why God Made the Radio released. US


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