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The Camels are Coming (film)

The Camels are Coming
Directed by Tim Whelan
Produced by Michael Balcon
Written by Guy Bolton
Jack Hulbert
W.P. Lipscomb
Starring Jack Hulbert
Anna Lee
Hartley Power
Harold Huth
Music by Jack Beaver
Louis Levy
Distributed by Gaumont British Distributors
Release dates
October 1934
Running time
79 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Camels are Coming is a 1934 British comedy adventure film directed by Tim Whelan and starring Jack Hulbert, Anna Lee, Hartley Power and Harold Huth. A British officer in the Royal Egyptian Air Force combats drug smugglers.[1]


Based on a story by Tim Whelan and Russell Medcraft, the film was directed by Tim Whelan, an American who made a number of British films. It was filmed at Islington Studios and on location in Egypt around Cairo and Gizeh including at the famous Shepheard's Hotel.

Many of the scenes later had to be reshot in London as sand had got into the cameras, and high winds prevented the recording of dialogue.[2]

It was a major success at the British box office, but was not released in the United States.[3]

During the film Anna Lee met Robert Stevenson, whom she subsequently married.



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