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The Golden Volcano

The Golden Volcano
Cover illustration for the original edition
Author Jules Verne
Original title Le Volcan d'or
Illustrator George Roux
Country France
Language French
Series Voyages Extraordinaires
Genre Adventure novel
Publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date

The Golden Volcano (French: Le Volcan d'or) is a novel by Jules Verne, published posthumously and edited by his son Michel Verne.


The story tells of two Canadian brothers, Summy Skim and Ben Raddle, unexpectedly bequeathed a mining claim in the Klondike. They encounter many things such as disaster, disease, extreme weather. On the way back to Montreal from where the two cousins came, Ben Raddle and Summy Skim were trapped in a large flood that flooded the entire Klondike. Ben has a disease and a broken leg, that is where he is taken to the hospital to be seen by the trustful Dr. Pilcox. Summy Skim and their guide (Bill Steel) bring the unfortunate man to the hospital, where he is healed a few months later. On the way out to a hunt, Summy Skim, Bill Steel and the trusted Indian Neluto, discover a man torn apart, lying under a tree. They come to the rescue, and bring this man back to the hospital where he dies a few days later. Before this man died, he told Ben Raddle and Summy Skim of a volcano of pure gold named "Golden Mount". It is then, that the cousins and their guides get a caravan together to return to the Golden Mount. While on a hunt, Summy Skim and Neluto discover the two villains with their caravan wanting to take over the volcano. Summy Skim and Neluto return to camp where they tell the others, and a plan is sorted out. Ben Raddle plans out that he can force the volcano erupt by emptying the river into a hole dug into the volcano. The plan succeeds the day that the villains make their way to the top of the mountain, and they are immediately forced down by the eruption. Summy Skim shoots the Texans, Hunter and Malon, the leader of the villains. The volcano erupted into the sea, making Summy Skim and Ben Raddle leave with less money than they came with.

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