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The Linguini Incident

The Linguini Incident
File:The Linguini Incident.jpg
Directed by Richard Shepard
Produced by Sarah Jackson
Arnold Orgolini
Written by Tamar Brott
Richard Shepard
Starring Rosanna Arquette
David Bowie
Eszter Balint
Marlee Matlin
Buck Henry
Viveca Lindfors
Music by Thomas Newman
Cinematography Robert Yeoman
Distributed by Academy Entertainment
Release dates
  • May 1, 1991 (1991-05-01)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Linguini Incident is a 1991 American comedic film set in New York starring David Bowie and Rosanna Arquette. The film was directed by Richard Shepard, who co-wrote the script with Tamar Brott.


Lucy (Arquette) is a frustrated magician, specifically an escape artist, who is obsessed with becoming a modern female version of Harry Houdini. She collects Houdini artifacts and waits for her big break while working as a waitress at a trendy Manhattan restaurant. With British bartender, Monte (Bowie), and her roommate Vivian, she arranges a heist of the restaurant. Monte is also determined to get Lucy to marry him, under the pretense that he needs his green card.


Iman and Julian Lennon have brief cameos in the movie.[1]


The movie was released to VHS in 1992.

Critical Response

Reviews of the movie were mostly negative. Empire Magazine gave the movie one star out of five, calling it "an unbearably protracted dud".[2] Variety Magazine called the movie an "uninspired, poverty row production" and lamented the mis-casting of Bowie in the lead role.[1] A review by the New York Times is positive and approves of the film's casting.[3] TV Guide gave the movie 2 stars out of 5.[4]

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