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The Masseuse (Seinfeld)

For the film, see The Masseuse.
"The Masseuse"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no. Season 5[1]
Episode 9[1]
Directed by Tom Cherones[1]
Written by Peter Mehlman[1]
Production code 509
Original air date November 18, 1993[1]
Guest actors
Season 5[1] episodes
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Masseuse" is the 73rd episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.[2] It is the ninth episode of the fifth season, and first aired on November 18, 1993.[1]


Elaine dates a man who shares the name of real-life serial killer Joel Rifkin (Anthony Cistaro) and tries to convince him to change his name. Jerry's girlfriend, a masseuse (Jennifer Coolidge), seems unwilling to give Jerry a massage, even as she takes Kramer as a client. Meanwhile, she is not fond of George, leading him incessantly to wonder why, even to his neglect of his own girlfriend Karen (Lisa Edelstein).[3]

Eventually, Jerry goes insane and angrily tries to force his girlfriend to give him the massage. She leaves, encountering George on the way out the apartment door, who professes his growing fondness for her. Elaine and Joel fight over selecting a new name. Kramer's back is sore after attending a football game and leaping over rows of seats to catch a thrown ball. George and Karen split.[3]


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