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The Wilsons

For the Canadian country music duo, see The Wilsons (country duo).
The Wilsons
File:The Wilsons.jpg
Studio album by The Wilsons
Released September 9, 1997
Genre Pop/Rock
Length 50:28
Label Polygram
Producer Stephen Lironi
Dave Stewart
Cliff Magness
Garry Hughes
Brian Wilson
Joe Thomas
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The Wilsons is an album by a short lived music group of the same name, consisting of Carnie Wilson and her sister Wendy Wilson, in collaboration with their father Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.


After Wilson Phillips broke up in 1993, Carnie & Wendy Wilson continued to write and record together. They released a Christmas album together in 1993 titled Hey Santa!, which was the first album recorded by the Wilson sisters without Chynna Phillips. The album was a collection of classic holiday songs, with one original song (the title track). It was not a commercial success, although the single "Hey Santa!" still receives recurrent airplay during the Christmas holiday season.

Wendy and Carnie then joined with their estranged father Brian in 1997, and went on to release The Wilsons, which was critically successful, yet also commercially unsuccessful.[2] A single "Monday Without You" was released in 1997, but failed to chart on Billboard's Top 100. Carnie and Wendy also joined Beach Boy Al Jardine in 1998, for three years of live performances, and a live album in 2001, Al Jardine's Family and Friends Live in Las Vegas.[3]

The Wilson sisters reunited with Chynna Phillips in 2001 to perform live at a tribute show to Brian Wilson, and in 2004 to release California, an album of cover songs.[4] They reunited again in 2012 for the album Dedicated, which included covers of hit songs by The Mamas and Papas and The Beach Boys. Also in 2012, Carnie and Wendy Wilson joined with the children of other Beach Boys' members to form the vocal group California Saga, which performed during the intermission for The Beach Boys' 50th anniversary show in June at the Hollywood Bowl.[citation needed]

Track listing

  1. "Monday Without You" (3:55) *
  2. "Good About You" (4:27)
  3. "Miracle" (5:55) *
  4. "Goddess' Revival" (4:16)
  5. "Candy" (4:51)
  6. "'Til I Die" (3:22) *
  7. "St. Joan" (4:08)
  8. "Open Door" (4:03)
  9. "I Hate Your Face" (4:26)
  10. "Everything" (3:28)
  11. "Not Your Average Girl" (4:08)
  12. "Everything I Need" (3:29) *
  13. "Pretty Poison" (4:32) - Import Bonus Track
  14. "All This Madness" (4:30) - Import Bonus Track

Songs with an asterisk includes Brian Wilson.


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