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Thomson (surname)

For other uses, see Thomson (disambiguation).
Family name
Meaning "son of Thom", "son of Thomas", "little Thomas" (French)
Related names Thompson, Thomason, Tompson, MacTavish, MacTamhais

Thomson is an English and Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of Thom, Thomp, Thompkin, or other diminutive of Thomas", itself derived from the Aramaic תום or Tôm, meaning "twin". The Welsh surname is documented in Cheshire records before and after the 1066 Norman Conquest. Variations include Thomason, Thomasson, Thomerson, Thomoson, and others. The French surname Thomson is first documented in Burgundy and is the shortened form for Thom[as]son, Thom[es]son. Variations include Thomassin, Thomason, Thomesson, Thomeson, and others. Thomson is uncommon as a given name.[1][2][3]

List of persons with the surname

In fiction

  • Thomson, one of two identical detectives in the Adventures of Tintin series by Hergé

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