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Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
Type Television, Radio
Country United States, Canada, Caribbean, Philippines, Russia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, India, Martinique, Australia, United Kingdom
Availability International
Key people
Danny Shelton, Jim Gilley
Launch date
November 15, 1984; 35 years ago (1984-11-15)
Official website

Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is an American nonprofit television and radio network broadcasting Christian and health-oriented programming, based in West Frankfort, Illinois.[1] 3ABN is available throughout the United States, with an expanded international audience. It is an independent non-denominational ministry; however, it supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


The focus of 3ABN's programming is a blend of family and social programs (including divorce recovery programs, marriage, and children and family issues), health and lifestyle (including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, exercise, healthy cooking (with an emphasis on dairy-free vegetarian, organic food), natural home remedies, stop smoking, and weight loss), gospel music, and a wide variety of Bible-based presentations (including Bible study, church history, seminars and events, and worship services).

3ABN's program lineups include both original (3ABN-produced) and third-party programs. 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Latino, 3ABN Latino Radio, 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Russia, 3ABN Russia Radio, 3ABN Français, 3ABN Kids Network (formerly SonBeam Channel) and 3ABN Dare to Dream Network each contain their own original programs not included on the main 3ABN television network, and Radio 74 leases audio subchannel space on 3ABN's digital stations. As of early 2009, 3ABN's main TV channel had 69% original programming; 3ABN Latino had 67% original programming; and 3ABN Russia had 100% original programming.[2]

The 3ABN International network has the same lineup of programs as 3ABN's flagship network.

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