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Threshold Editions

Threshold Editions is an imprint of Simon & Schuster — the publishing division of CBS Corporation — specializing in conservative non-fiction.[1] Louise Burke is the publisher, Anthony Ziccardi is the deputy publisher, and the imprint's senior editors include Mitchell Ivers, Kathy Sagan, and Abby Zidle.[1] Mary Matalin is its editor-in-chief.[2]

Threshold was launched in 2005 after Penguin Group and Random House started their own conservative imprints, Sentinel HC and Crown Forum.[2]


The imprint's authors include Glenn Beck, Christopher Buckley, Reid Buckley, Lynne Cheney, Mary Cheney, Jerome Corsi, Catherine Crier, S.E. Cupp, Jerry Doyle, Burton W. Folsom, Jr., Sean Hannity, Brian Jennings, David Kupelian, Arthur B. Laffer, Mark R. Levin and his father Jack Levin, George Melloan, Stephen Moore, Karl Rove, Herman Cain,[1] and Dick Cheney.[1][3]


In August 2008, Threshold published Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation, it was #4 in sales in nonfiction during the first week of its release[4] and on August 13, The New York Times reported that the book had reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover non-fiction books, due in part to higher bulk sales.[5] The book was criticized by the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee as containing factual errors consisting of smears, falsehoods, and innuendo.[6][7][8]

In July 2010, Threshold published The Obama Diaries. Whether or not the book is classified as a work of fiction or non-fiction is disputed.[9][10][11] The New York Times and USA Today classified it as non-fiction on their Best Seller list, but make the clear distinction that it is satire, and therefore more spurious than fact.[11][12]

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