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Tolly Burkan

Tolly Burkan, 2005

Tolly Burkan, also known as Bruce Burkan, (born May 17, 1948 in New York City) is a firewalking spokesman, and claims there are over four million firewalkers globally, including 3,000 instructors on six continents. Since the 1980s he has received widespread media attention,[1] and has been called the "father of the global firewalking movement".[2]

During the 1970s, Burkan gained his reputation by creating the world’s first firewalking class and began teaching firewalking to the general public.[3] In the 1980s, he started working with large corporations and began training instructors.[4] In the 1990s he was one of those who transformed his work into a mushrooming corporate trend.[5]

He has written eight books in 14 languages, including Extreme Spirituality, Let It Be Easy, and Dying to Live.


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