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Tony Hiller

Tony Hiller
Birth name Anthony Toby Hiller
Born (1927-07-30) 30 July 1927 (age 88)
London, England
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, record producer, music publisher
Years active 1950s–present

Tony Hiller (born Anthony Toby Hiller, 30 July 1927)[1] is a British songwriter.[2] He began his musical career as a member of the song and dance duo The Hiller Brothers, sharing the stage with his brother Irving.[3] The Hiller Brothers appeared with many artists of the time including Alma Cogan, Tommy Cooper, Val Doonican, Matt Monro, The Shadows, Bernard Manning, Kathy Kirby, Roger Whittaker, Rip Taylor, Gene Vincent, Lance Percival, Tessie O'Shea, Frank Ifield, Deep River Boys, The Dallas Boys, Clark Brothers, Paul Melba and Ray Burns.[4]

Over 500 artists have recorded Hiller's songs including Brotherhood of Man, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, The Miracles, The Hollies, Sonny and Cher, The Osmonds, Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, Anne Murray, Ed Bruce, and The Fortunes.[4]

Born in London, England, he is best known for writing and/or producing numerous hits for Brotherhood of Man, including "United We Stand" (1970),[5][6] "Save Your Kisses for Me" (1976),[5] "Angelo" (1977),[7] and "Figaro" (1978).[7] The song "United We Stand"[5] is considered a worldwide standard and has been recorded by over 100 different artists. Thirty years after the original hit, the song was popularized again by becoming a patriotic and spiritual anthem, and was recorded by several more artists. It was used numerous times in the production of various network news broadcasts during coverage of the 9/11 events.

Chart hits

Song Title Writer(s) Artist Country Year
"He Don't Want Your Love Anymore"[8] (Hiller/Dawson/Ford) Lulu UK 1965
"United We Stand"[6] (Hiller/Simons) Brotherhood of Man UK/US/Europe 1970
"Where are You Going to My Love"[7][9] (Hiller/Goodison/Day/Leslie) Brotherhood of Man UK/US 1970
"Reach Out Your Hand"[7] (Hiller) Brotherhood of Man US 1971
"Sunny Honey Girl"[10] (Hiller/Greenaway/Cook/Goodison) Cliff Richard UK/Europe 1971
"United We Stand"[6] (Hiller/Simons) Wess & Dhori Ghezzi Italy 1973
"Lady"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man Europe 1974
"Daddy Loves You Honey"[11] (Hiller/Ramonde) Dorsey Burnette US 1974
"Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby"[7] (credited as producer only) Brotherhood of Man Europe 1975
"Save Your Kisses for Me"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/US/Europe 1976
"My Sweet Rosalie"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1976
"Save Your Kisses for Me"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Bobby Vinton US 1976
"Save Your Kisses for Me"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Margo Smith US 1976
"Save Your Kisses for Me"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Rex Gildo Germany 1976
"Manchester United" (Hiller/Hiller) Manchester United Football Club UK 1976
"Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In)"[12] (credited as producer only) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1977
"Angelo"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1977
"Highwayman"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man Europe 1977
"Angelo"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) The Barron Knights UK 1977
"Figaro"[7] (Edens/Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1978
"Beautiful Lover"[7] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1978
"Middle of the Night"[13] (Hiller/Lee/Sheriden) Brotherhood of Man UK/Europe 1978
"You're the Greatest Lover" (credited as producer only) Gina and the Champions Ireland 1979
"Who Do You Wanna Be" (credited as producer only) Gina and the Champions Ireland 1979
"Put a Light in Your Window"[14] (Hiller/Curtis) Tony Christie Germany 1981
"Lightning Flash"[15] (Hiller/Lee/Upton) Brotherhood of Man UK 1982
"Here We Go" (Hiller/Spiro) Everton Football Club UK 1985
"Nights"[16] (Hiller/Hill) Ed Bruce US 1986
"We’ve Got the Whole World at Our Feet" (Hiller/James/James) England World Cup Squad UK 1986
"Sitting on Top of the World"[17] (Hiller/James/James) Liverpool Football Club UK 1986
"Glad all Over" / "Where Eagles Fly" (Hiller/Upton) Crystal Palace Football Club UK 1990
"Only Fools (Never Fall in Love)"[18] (Hiller/Upton) Sonia UK 1991
"No One Can Stop Us Now" (Hiller/Upton) Chelsea Football Club UK 1994
"Spilled Perfume" (Hiller/Hill) Gil Grand Canada 1998
"Over You" (Hiller/Hill) Anne Murray Canada 1998
"United We Stand"[6] (Hiller/Simons) Ray Stevens US 2002
"United We Stand"[6] (Hiller/Simons) Six Ireland 2003

Awards and achievements


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