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Toronto Homes for the Aged Division

The Toronto Homes for the Aged Division, or THAD, assumed responsibilities for public run home care facilities for the elderly from the former Toronto Community Services department[when?].

These nursing homes are separate from private and non-profit agencies, which makes the bulk of the facilities in Toronto.


As a division of the municipal government of Toronto, Toronto Homes for the Aged's annual funding level is established by a vote of the Toronto City Council in favour of the year's proposed budget. Provided below are historical gross and net funding levels of THAD as a part of the city's operating budgets.

Toronto Homes for the Aged funding as per municipal operating budgets
Year Gross Amount % of Year's Gross Budget Net Amount % of Year's Net Budget
1999 $125,579,000 2.2% $22,915,000 0.9%
2004 $169,546,000 2.6% $28,370,000 1.0%


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