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Totonero 1986

This article is about the 1986 scandal. For the 1980 scandal, see Totonero 1980.

Totonero 1986 or totonero bis was a scandal of football match fixing in Italy between 1984 and 1986 in Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1 and Serie C2.

It was uncovered in May 1986 by Italian Police and Armando Carbone, a friend of Italo Allodi (manager of Napoli) and in this scandal there were manager and football-player that sold the football-matches for money.

Club punishments

  • Udinese (Serie A); -9 in Serie A 1986-87 (relegated in Serie B in original punishment).
  • Cagliari (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1986-87.
  • Lazio (Serie B); -9 in Serie B 1986-87 (relegated in Serie C1 in original punishment).
  • Lanerossi Vicenza (Serie B); exclusion from Serie A 1986-87.
  • Triestina (Serie B); -1 in Serie B 1985-86 and -4 in Serie B 1986-87.
  • Perugia (Serie B); relegated in Serie C2 and -2 in 1986-87 (relegated in Serie C2 and -5 in 1986-87 in original punishment).
  • Palermo (Serie B); -5 in Serie B 1986-87.
  • Foggia (Serie C1); -5 in Serie C1 1986-87 (relegated in Serie C2 in original punishment).
  • Cavese (Serie C1); relegated in Serie C2 and -5 in 1986-87.


Managers and coaches