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Tower of Evil

Tower of Evil
File:"Tower of Evil" (1972).jpg
Directed by Jim O'Connolly
Produced by Richard Gordon
Written by George Baxt (novel)
Jim O'Connolly
Starring Bryant Haliday
Jill Haworth
Mark Edwards
Anna Palk
Music by Kenneth V. Jones
Cinematography Desmond Dickinson
Edited by Henry Richardson
Release dates
May 19, 1972 (US release)
Running time
89 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $400,000 est.

Tower of Evil, also known by the title Beyond the Fog in the United States and Horror of Snape Island and Horror on Snape Island in Canada, is a 1972 British horror film. The film is regarded by horror fans as being ahead of its time, as it crosses old world Gothic themes (dark setting, mythical superstitions, gloomy atmosphere) with many elements of the modern slasher film (elusive killer, bloody murders, sexually active characters as victims). The film was shot at Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, Surrey, England in 1971.


On Snape Island, a small isolated point off the English coast, a series of bizarre brutal murders have taken place. A team of archeologists decide to head to the island to uncover a possible Phoenician treasure, but instead they find a horrific mystery when someone, or something, begins to kill off the curious trespassers.[1]


Critical reaction

The film was dismissed as mere exploitation fodder by many critics. Film critic Leonard Maltin gave the film a BOMB rating and mockingly said "One of the Horrors of Snape Island is the film itself".

However, over the years, the film has been embraced as something of an underground classic by the horror community. The Terror Trap horror review rated the film positively and said "Think the Brits are uptight, watch 'this' fun slasher flick...". Elite Entertainment released Tower of Evil on DVD for the first time in 1999. On December 12, 2008, Turner Classic Movies showed the film as part of their late night TCM Underground series.


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