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Trade name

This article is about trade names of businesses. For trade names of pharmaceuticals, see drug nomenclature. For trade names of other products and services, see brand name.

A trade name, trading name, or business name, is a name that a business uses for trading commercial products or services. A business may also use its registered, legal name for contracts and other formal purposes. In English writing, trade names are generally treated as proper nouns.[1] Businesses use trade names mostly to help market their products or promote their brand.


For example, the company Panda Chemical Manufacturers, Inc. may use the more friendly trade name Panda Pharmaceuticals when it holds itself out to the public.

Many companies use trade names or business names that are "brandable". These types of trade names may generally have no meaning, which makes the branding process easier and the trademarking of the name more likely to succeed in registration.

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