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For a discussion of equipment used by transcriptionists, see Medical transcription.
Stable release 1.5.1 / June 6, 2005
Written in Tcl/Tk, C
Operating system Cross-platform
License GPL

Transcriber is a tool for the transcription and annotation of speech signals for linguistic research. It supports multiple hierarchical layers of segmentation, named entity annotation, speaker lists, topic lists, and overlapping speakers. Two views of the sound pressure waveform at different resolutions may be viewed simultaneously. Various character encodings, including Unicode, are supported.

Annotations from Transcriber may be exported in XML. OASIS' Cover Pages publishes the open DTD used by Transcriber.[1]

Transcriber is written in Tcl/Tk with the Snack audio library and is therefore available on most major platforms. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


  1. ^ "Transcriber - Speech Segmentation and Annotation DTD". OASIS. November 16, 2000. Retrieved February 20, 2009. 


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