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Transformers: Alternity

Transformers: Alternity is a subline of the Transformers series by Takara Tomy. The Alternity series consists of toys of well-known Transformers characters as licensed scale 1:32 vehicles.[1] The Alternity series is the successor to the Binaltech line, which was sold in the U.S. as Alternators.

The Alternity toys are only released in Japan by Takara Tomy, starting in 2009. Hasbro have indicated they have no plans to release the line in their markets.[2]


The Alternity story is told through character bios and mini-comics packed with the toys.

Binaltech origins

In the climax of the Binaltech saga, the universe itself is collapsing due to manipulation to the timestream. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious figure, calling itself only the "Protector", appears and restores the balance. While the Autobots had unsuccessfully tried to repair the damage by attempting to undo the events of the corrupted timeline, the Protector instead split the Binaltech world into its own universe, both restoring the original timeline and preserving the Binaltech continuity in a new, parallel universe. When asked the reason for preserving events that were never supposed to happen, the Protector responded that the Binaltech universe and the Binaltech warriors would give birth to the Alternity.[3]

In the closing chapters of the story, it's revealed that the Protector is Optimus Primal, from the future, and that materials and technology that will be key to the existence of the Alternity are starting to emerge from the research and development of projects derived from Binaltech technology.

Alternity fiction

As the Alternity fiction opens, it is revealed that the Alternity are the evolution of the Transformers race into higher-dimensional beings.[4] These beings are so powerful they cannot be perceived in three-dimensional universes, and they therefore occupy one or more vehicle avatars in order to interact with beings on a lesser plane. The Alternity must deal not only with Megatron, but also a super-dimensional beast known as "Hytherion".[4]


Like the Binaltech line before it, Alternity consists of well-known Transformers characters with extensively detailed scale licensed vehicle modes. However, while Binaltech figures were 1:24 scale and consisted of large amounts of die cast, those in the Alternity line are 1:32, making them approximately "deluxe" sized, and their metal content is limited to supporting substructure, such as spines or driveshafts. The working title for the line was originally "Binaltech Mini".[1] The line also takes some cues from the Movie toyline, with finely sculpted robot-mode details, as well as its Automorph technology.

A-01: Nissan GT-R

  • Convoy (Ultimate Silver)
Released simultaneously in 2009.
Released in 2009, several months after the red and silver versions.
An e-Hobby (Japan) and TF China Festival (China) exclusive release.[5]
An Asian market exclusive release.

A-02: Nissan 370Z

  • Megatron (Le Mans Blue)
Released simultaneously in 2009.
  • Megatron (Diamond Black)
Released in 2009, several months after the silver and blue versions.
Scheduled for release in September 2012 as a Toy Hobby Market exclusive.

A-03: Suzuki Swift Sport

Released simultaneously in 2009. While sharing the same body mold, the figures have unique head sculpts.
Released late in 2011.

A-04: Mitsuoka Orochi

Released simultaneously in June 2010. While sharing the same body mold, the figures have unique head sculpts.
Announced for release in 2010 as a redeco of Alternity Skywarp. Unlike the other models, this figure is painted in a color not currently offered on the original car.
Released in September 2012 as a Toy Hobby Market exclusive.

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