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Transformers: Go!

Transformers: Go! is a Transformers animated series and toyline exclusive to Japan. It features several Autobots teaming up to battle the evil Predacons seeking to conquer Earth.




  • Optimus Prime - the heroic leader of the Autobots.
  • Samurai Sword Team - a trio of Samurai Autobots.
    • Kenzan -
    • Jinbu -
    • Ganoh -
  • Shinobi Sword Team - a trio of Ninja Autobots.
    • Gekisomaru -
    • Hishoumaru -
    • Sensuimaru -


  • Dragotron - the evil leader of the Predacons who has been imprisoned on Earth for centuries.
  • Oni-a group of four elite generals subservient to Dragotron:
    • Budora -
    • Gaidora -
    • Bakudora -
    • Judora -
  • Jaki - a quintet of lesser Predacons who can combine into the gestalt Goradora:
    • Dorara -
    • Barara -
    • Burara -
    • Garara -
    • Jurara -


The Go! toyline consists of several new Autobot figures, while the Predacons and other figures are repaints or Japanese introductions of toys from the Transformers: Prime toyline.


  • G11 Hunter Optimus Prime - a redeco of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime
  • G26 Optimus Prime EX - a new figure with dragon and bullet train alternate modes, capable of combining with other Autobot figures
  • Samurai Autobots
    • G01 Kenzan - transforms into a police car
    • G02 Jinbu - transforms into a jet fighter
    • G03 Ganoh - transforms into a fire truck
  • Shinobi Autobots
    • G05 Gekisomaru - transforms into a lion
    • G10 Hishomaru - transforms into a bird
    • G20 Sensuimaru - transforms into a shark
  • G06 Hunter Smokescreen - redeco of Beast Hunters Smokescreen
  • G14 Hunter Bumblebee - redeco of Beast Hunters Bumblebee
  • G15 Hunter Bulkhead - redeco of Beast Hunters Bulkhead
  • G15 Hunter Wheeljack - redeco of Beast Hunters Wheeljack
  • G19 Hunter Ratchet - redeco of Beast Hunters Ratchet
  • G25 Go Prime - a redeco of Prime Thundertron and Leo Prime



  • Hunter Nemesis Prime - a black redeco of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.
  • G13 Hunter Shockwave - redeco of Beast Hunters Shockwave
  • G17 Hunter Starscream - redeco of Beast Hunters Starscream
  • G18 Hunter Soundwave - redeco of Beast Hunters Soundwave

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