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Transformers: Zone

Transformers: Zone
File:Transformers Zone OVA cover art.jpg
DVD cover
トランスフォーマー ゾーン
(Toransufōmā: Zōn)
Genre Adventure, Mecha
Original video animation
Directed by Hiromichi Matano
Produced by Kenji Yokoyama
Tatsuya Yoshida
Hisao Yamada
Masaharu Takayama
Written by Toyohiro Ando
Music by Katsunori Ishida
Michiaki Watanabe
Columbia Music Entertainment
Studio Toei Animation, Takara
Released July 21, 1990
Runtime 30 minutes
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Transformers: Zone (トランスフォーマー ゾーン Toransufōmā: Zōn?), also known as Transformers Z (トランスフォーマーZ Toransufōmā Zetto?), is a 1990 one-shot OVA exclusive to Japan in the fictional Transformers universe. It was released on July 21, 1990 on VHS and on April 21, 2004 on DVD. A fan-made English dub was released on in March 2004.


Following on from Victory, the mysterious three-faced insectoid being, Violenjiger dispatches the nine "Great Decepticon Generals"—Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Trypticon, Predaking, Abominus, King Poseidon, Overlord and BlackZarak—to acquire "Zone Energy", destroying the planet Feminia to obtain the world's store and in search of the powerful Zodiac. Caught in the destruction of the planet, Star Saber is rescued by Dai Atlas, who then repels an attack by the Decepticons on Earth, and is appointed the new Autobot commander at the conclusion of the episode, following a battle with the Decepticons and unlocking the power of the Zodiac that was found on Earth.


The cast of Zone is composed heavily of Micromasters, who also made up much of the toyline. Dai Atlas is a "Powered Master", so named for his motorized gimmick, as is his combining partner Sonic Bomber—the toyline also featured another partner for them, Roadfire, who was not in the episode. The solitary Decepticons in the toyline were the Race Track Patrol, and Metrotitan, a redeco of the Autobot city Metroplex, neither of whom appeared in animated form. None of the Decepticon Generals ever appeared in toy form.


Theme Songs

  • Openings
  1. "Transformers Z Theme" (トランスフォーマーZのテーマ Toransufōmā Zetto no Tēma?)
    • Lyricist: Machiko Ryu / Composer: Komune Negishi / Arranger: Katsunori Ishida / Singers: Ichiro Mizuki
  • Endings
  1. "To You of the Future" (未来の君へ Ashita no Kimi e?)
    • Lyricist: Machiko Ryu / Composer: Komune Negishi / Arranger: Katsunori Ishida / Singers: Ichiro Mizuki


Originally intended to be a full TV series, Transformers: Zone was forced to become direct-to-video (OVA) due to less than expected toy sales. The series was cancelled after just one episode at 25 minutes. It is considered the last TF Generation 1 animated project.


The missing characters did go on to appear in the pages of the Japanese publication, TV Magazine otherwise known as Telemaga. This monthly magazine had always included Transformers manga story pages and splash illustrations with explanatory text. No direct manga was ever released for Zone. TV Magazine did publish a retelling on the OVA in manga format in it's April 1990 issue.

These story pages were used to provide supporting fiction for the remaining two years worth of toylines—1991's Battlestars: Return of Convoy and 1992's Operation: Combination.

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